NEWS: A Day To Remember issue statement over winning Victory Records lawsuit!

Following the news released yesterday that A Day To Remember had won their five year long legal battle with now former label partners Victory Records, the band have issued a statement of their own regarding the news.

You can read the full statement, which the band issued via their Facebook account, below:

“As many of you know, more than 5 years ago we filed a lawsuit against Victory Records seeking freedom and resolution on several issues we had with them. For the past 2 weeks we have been in court arguing our case. Yesterday, the jury came back with a unanimous verdict in the trial granting us that freedom and resolution. Thank you to the fan base for supporting us through this difficult time, we couldn’t have done this without you. This isn’t just a victory for us but also a victory for every band wronged over the years. Right doesn’t always win, but yesterday it did.”

You can read a full report regarding the verdict and outcome of the law suit and subsequent trial via the legal reporting website Law360 (here).

The band’s last two full-length records, this year’s ‘Bad Vibrations’ and 2013’s ‘Common Courtesy’, were both released via the band’s own imprint ADTR Records whilst the lawsuit was ongoing.

At the time of writing, it’s unclear as to whether or not they will continue to self-release their albums going forward, or approach another label now that they’re no longer tied to Victory Records.