MY LOCKDOWN: VOLA (Nicolai Mogensen)

Credit: Promo

During these unprecedented times, lockdown has meant that we are spending most of our time inside with only ourselves, or our very closest, for company. We thought we would find out how our favourite bands are handling things, what they’re getting up to, and tips and advice they could share.

Genre mixing Danish/Swedish quartet VOLA are back with their new album, ‘Witness’. The record is the follow-up to ‘Applause Of A Distant Crowd’ and shines a light on the subject of failed relationships, on a societal scale—the friction between leaders and followers, which is caused by the misuse of power.

We caught up with bassist Nicolai Mogensen to talk about his experiences during the national lockdowns in Denmark.

DP!: How are/were you managing lockdown?
Nicolai: At the moment things are opening up again here in Denmark, so right now it’s starting to be more like pre-covid, which is great. But when things were closed down I tried to make the most of it, making music and appreciating all the extra time I could spend with my family now international touring isn’t a possibility.

DP!: Are you on lockdown on your own, or are you with friends or family?
Nicolai: I’m living with my girlfriend, and our 4year old son.

DP!: How do you personally feel the government is handling it so far?
Nicolai: I guess all governments are handling it slightly differently. Here in Denmark our death numbers are quite low because the government has been very careful, which seems to have been the right call. There have also been plenty of weird decisions but in these weird times, I’m very happy that I’m not calling the shots.

DP!: What have you been doing to keep yourself entertained?
Nicolai: Having a 4 year old in the house, entertainment and having something to do isn’t an issue:)

DP!: Have you been using the time to write and/or record any new music?
Nicolai: We have recorded our new album ‘Witness’ during the lockdown. We record everything except the drums in Asgers (singer and guitarist) home studio so we have been quite lucky with the timing, since the lockdown didn’t slow us down.

DP!: Has the extra free time in lockdown (in any) allowed you to pursue other hobbies and interests? If so, what?
Nicolai: I have started to play a lot of online chess, which is surprisingly fun and gratifying.

DP!: Have you been working in the meantime to help you through financially?
Nicolai: I had some rough months with basically no income, but are very fortunate that the rent is cheap and that I had some savings. So I haven’t taken on another job yet…

DP!: Any tips or suggestions for others to keep themselves entertained?
Nicolai: Figure out what makes you happy to do, and do as much of that as you can.

DP!: Any advice for people who may be struggling mentally?
Nicolai: I don’t feel I’m the right guy to give advice, but I would definitely recommend asking for help. Personally meditation has helped my mental health a great deal, and is something I would recommend for anyone, also people who aren’t struggling mentally:)

DP!: Final words?
Nicolai: Thank you for having me:)

VOLA‘s new album ‘Witness’ is out now via Mascot Records and you can pick it up at the band’s official store (here), official BandCamp (here), Apple Music (here) and Amazon Music (here).

You can follow the band via their Facebook (here) and Twitter (here).