MY LOCKDOWN: Half Me (Chris Zuehlke)

Credit: Promo

During these unprecedented times, lockdown has meant that we are spending most of our time inside with only ourselves, or our very closest, for company. As it looks like the world won’t be returning to normality for the foreseeable future, we thought we would find out how our favourite bands are handling things, what they’re getting up to, and tips and advice they could share.

German nu-metal newcomers Half Me are back with their dangerous new single ‘Snakeoil’ that’s as destructive as it is enticing. We caught up with vocalist Chris Zuehlke to talk about his experiences during the national lockdowns.

DP!: How are you managing lockdown?
Chris: First of all, thank you for having us – we really appreciate that! Like any other artist we’ve got hit by the impact of the pandemic and after about a year without the possibility to play shows, we now mainly use the lockdown to recharge our social and creative batteries. The pursuit of our goals has shifted a lot to the internet and with all the downsides the lockdown brings, we are incredibly lucky to be healthy and work on ourselves as a band.

DP!: Are you on lockdown on your own, or are you with friends or family?
Chris: We’re all safely sat at home with our significant others or family. There have been periods of heavy lockdown where isolation was crucial and that has definitely left its marks.

DP!: How do you personally feel the government is handling it so far?
Chris: Honestly, in our opinion the German government has given in to public pressure far too quickly. We think that by lifting certain precautions we will experience another backlash that will further prevent events from taking place throughout this year. Which is saddening.

DP!: What have you been doing to keep yourself entertained?
Chris: We’ve actually started playing online games together and our meetings now take place on Discord, which is a super fun way to keep ourselves entertained and connected. With a lot more time in our hands we’ve been able to grow together through this and remain hopeful. Can’t wait to see the gang in real life again, though.

DP!: Have you been using the time to write and/or record any new music?
Chris: Yes! We just recently put out our new track ‘Snakeoil’. This was written, recorded and engineered all by the band during lockdown. Following safety guidelines we’ve even been able to shoot a music video in last year’s late summer. There is a lot more music on the way and the pandemic is not going to slow us down.

DP!: Has the extra free time in lockdown (in any) allowed you to pursue other hobbies and interests? If so, what?
Chris: Some of us have lost their jobs during the pandemic which took the decision from us to go all in on our hobbies.
Our guitarist Chris has started his career in videography and I turned my hobby of promoting bands into a business as well. Other than that, we enjoy gaming.

DP!: Have you been working in the meantime to help you through financially?
Chris: Yes. We’re fortunate to have jobs that allowed us to work from home or to be released from work due to Corona conditions.

DP!: Any tips or suggestions for others to keep themselves entertained?
Chris: Try new things. Things you wouldn’t have started in the normally stressful time before Corona. Try to take something positive out of the lockdown.

DP!: Any advice for people who may be struggling mentally?
Chris: Services such as Discord or online games help you to maintain social contact as much as possible. Form a group of friends and an online meeting place where you can chat and exchange ideas. And whenever possible, meet friends in person and use every minute to share.

DP!: Final words?
Chris: Stream ‘Snakeoil’.

Half Me‘s new single ‘Snakeoil’ is out now.

You can stream/download the single from Apple Music (here), Amazon Music (here) and Deezer (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.