MY LOCKDOWN: Calva Louise (Jess Allanic)

Credit: Ben Driver

During these unprecedented times, lockdown has meant that we are spending most of our time inside with only ourselves, or our very closest, for company. As it looks like the world won’t be returning to normality for the foreseeable future, we thought we would find out how our favourite bands are handling things, what they’re getting up to, and tips and advice they could share.

Manchester 3 piece Calva Louise are lucky to have such a talented and interesting frontperson in Jess Allanic, who is not only an excellent guitarist but is responsible for the artwork in the band’s music videos and also works as a graphic novel artist. We caught up with Jess to talk about her experiences during lockdown.

DP!: How are you managing lockdown?
Jess: We’ve been taking the time to learn new skills, like video editing, and also keeping ourselves busy with the release of our EP ‘POPURRÍ’ on 31st of July.

DP!: Are you on lockdown on your own, or are you with friends or family?
Jess: We’ve been living together since the beginning of the band, so we’re like a family of musicians!

DP!: How do you personally feel the government is handling it so far?
Jess: All recommendations from the authorities must be followed with a conscience, and a willingness to overcome the crisis that affects all of humanity.

DP!: What have you been doing to keep yourself entertained?
Jess: Focusing on creating art and new ways to connect to our audience until tours can restart.

DP!: Have you been using the time to write and/or record any new music?
Jess: We were finding new sounds and recording some samples to create new music to offer a new experience to our audience. We developed many new skills recording live sessions.

DP!: Has the extra free time in lockdown (in any) allowed you to pursue other hobbies and interests? If so, what?
Jess: During these months I was able to dedicate myself to learning new techniques for video editing and 3D animation production and managed to create by myself, under my pseudonym Mescalitas, the videos of our last two singles from our second EP: ‘POP(urrí)’ and ‘I Wish’ produced by Bobby Bentham of Strange Bones. At the same time Alizon and Ben have been building new live sets as well as making new mics.

DP!: Have you been working in the meantime to help you through financially?
Jess: Yep – graphic design jobs and delivery jobs. We’re also super grateful to be working with Frictionless Holdings – our sponsor.

DP!: Any tips or suggestions for others to keep themselves entertained?
Jess: Focus on doing the best you can in an impeccable way!

DP!: Any advice for people who may be struggling mentally?
Jess: Stay wise, and have a clear vision on what’s happening.

DP!: Final words?
Jess: Making art is the best way to find clarity and truly be honest.

The band’s new EP, ‘POPURRÍ’, is out now.

You can order the album online from Apple Music (here), Amazon (here), and Google Play (here).

You can keep up-to-date with the band online over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.