My Dream Festival: ROAM

After a long cold winter, it’s time to start thinking about festival season! And as always, this year kicks off with Slam Dunk Festival. The event takes place on Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May, and will once again be held one day after the other in Leeds, Hatfield, and Birmingham. At the helm this year sees Good Charlotte and Jimmy Eat World battling it out for the headline slot with PVRIS, Reel Big Fish and Creeper being just some of the big highlights.

As we miss the summer delight of festivals so much, we’ve grabbed a whole bunch of bands playing Slam Dunk this year to talk us through what would make up their dream festival, from location to bands and food. First up is Eastbourne pop-punks ROAM who are just packing their bags to hit the road with Tonight Alive throughout the UK this March. Bassist Matt Roskilly spared us a few minutes to talk about his ideal festival setting.


Where would your dream festival be held?
Matt Roskilly: It’s got to be somewhere hot really, festivals wouldn’t be the same without a bit of minor heat stroke and dehydration.. I’d say somewhere like Australia, actually no scrap that, let’s say a boat.. a really big boat, then it can be wherever we want it. If it turns out to be raining on one of the days we can just sail off to somewhere with sun. It’s perfect.

What would the theme be?
Matt: Well I’m not sure it would need a specific theme considering it’s on a big boat and that’s kind of a theme in itself I guess. Just a big boat party theme. I do think everyone should at least have one Hawaiian shirt with them, it would almost be rude not to.

Who would headline?
Matt: Honestly I’m pretty sure Paramore have already done or are doing something like this, so they’d be the most qualified for the job. I would say them. Though that being said maybe we should give someone else a chance. I think someone like Weezer would be a good time on a boat festival.

Who would play? Who else would be on the line-up?
Matt: ROAM. I really would like to play on a boat, so we would definitely fight to be on the line up. Anyone that gives off “cocktails in the sun” vibes would be great. At the end of the day most people would be happy with whoever played because they would all be on a boat and that’s just great as it is.

What food and booze would be served?
Matt: I’m not sure really, as long as there’s a big variety and some veg options, I’m not fussy! Booze though would have to be ice cold bottle beer and a large variety of cocktails because you cant have a boat party without cocktails, I’m pretty sure that’s the law.

What extra non-music related entertainment would there be?
Matt: There would have to be a diving board from the side of the boat. Who doesn’t enjoy jumping off big things into water? Nobody, that’s who. Also maybe an on board cinema. We watched the Minions movie on a ferry to Ireland once, and I somewhat enjoyed it, I like to think I wouldn’t have enjoyed that movie if it wasn’t for the novelty of watching it while I was at sea.

ROAM play Slam Dunk Festival on Bank Holiday weekend at the end of May with a whole bunch of other bands that are listed on the poster below.

MAY 26 – LEEDS, City Centre (Slam Dunk North)
MAY 27 – HATFIELD, Hatfield Park (Slam Dunk South)
MAY 28 – BIRMINGHAM, NEC (Slam Dunk Midlands)

Tickets are available from Slam Dunk Festival‘s official website (here).

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ROAM are also supporting Tonight Alive on the following dates:

MARCH 12 – LEEDS, Stylus
MARCH 13 – BRISTOL, Motion

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