LIVE: Your Demise @ NQ Live, Manchester (19/02/2013)

Date: February 19th, 2013
Venue: NQ Live, Manchester
Support: Fact / Counterparts / Heights


With their popularity constantly increasing at a steady rate for the past few years, it appears that Your Demise are very much the most widely popular hardcore band in Britain today. If the constant features and poster spreads in magazines don’t back that claim up, maybe the huge tour bus outside the NQ Live venue in Manchester on their latest UK tour will. However, looking to back to their roots with smaller shows and recent EP, ‘Cold Chillin’, we went to see if they have, as many claim, “sold out”.

Travelling over all the way from Japan, openers Fact (***) have only been on British shores a few times in the past, and their current lack of presence to a UK audience is clear with the few people watching in the crowd. However, their pop-punk with a bit of gritty edge with tracks like ‘Slip Of The Lip’ converts the few in the crowd to new fans. Drummer Eiji Matsumoto‘s grasp on the English language admittedly isn’t great, but takes it in his stride and brings a few chuckles when he says “Make sense?”.

Canadians Counterparts (****) from the get go get a flood of people clambering on stage to sing/scream alongside frontman Brendan Murphy, particularly with set closer, ‘Reflection’. Throughout the set, the band seem restless and overall exhilarating throughout, definitely setting the bar high for the acts to follow up from them.

However, it appears main support Heights (*****) can definitely exceed and excel. Right from opener ‘Eye For An Eye’, the crowd explodes and goes into an absolute frenzy, with the band doing so along with them. Newer offerings, such as ‘Stray Rats’ and ‘Eleven Eyes’, displays some deserved hype when the release of their upcoming second album finally drops, but with the crowd managing to damage the stage mid-set, some might wonder how much more hype can surround this band right now.

Though the amount of energy only continues to soar for headliners Your Demise (***), it is in part this which acts as a crutch to their overall performance. Throughout the majority of the set, the crowd climb onto the stage, surrounding frontman Ed McRae and trying to scream down the microphone, restricting us from hearing new offerings such as ‘Karma’ in a live environment. Still, the inevitable union between the fans for set closer ‘The Kids We Used To Be…’ is a definite highlight, however, the guy decided to get on stage and strip naked, was most certainley not.

Written by Zach Redrup