LIVE: Your Demise @ Club Academy, Manchester (11/04/2012)

Date: April 11th, 2012
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Support: Basement / Man Overboard / Trapped Under Ice


Your Demise make their hotly anticipated return to Manchester on the Rock Sound Exposure Tour. Having just released their new record ‘The Golden Age’, which has taken a mixed reception from the critics, it was on Your Demise to prove everyone wrong and demonstrate how the new songs come across live. Supported by a mixed cast of bands of Basement, Man Overboard and Trapped Under Ice, there was a fairly young but excitable crowd packed into Manchester’s underground Club Academy.

Basement (****) are the first band up on the bill and their blend of melodic pop-punk mixed with a slightly hardcore vibe hit the spot with the majority of the crowd. Vocally they were highly impressive, Andrew Fisher managing to make his voice sound even more sincere than it does on record. The blend of main and backing vocals on the anthem that is ‘Crickets Throw Their Voice’ is absolutely spot on, and the melodic bliss of ‘Plan To Be Surprised’ brought tranquility amongst the music. A highly impressive set that could have been a lot longer.

The next band to hit the stage are Man Overboard (**) from New Jersey. Famous for ‘defending pop-punk’, their sound was far too murky which didn’t help them out at all. Compared to the bright sheen of their sound on record, Man Overboard don’t really manage to impress too much. Vocally they were at times grating, but once again the sound didn’t help out. It definitely wasn’t their day.

Trapped Under Ice (*****) however don’t have any trouble with their sound. From the very start of the set opening on the huge ‘Pleased To Meet You’, TUI are on course to steal the evening from everyone else. Frontman Justice Tripp is an absolute dynamo, and commands both the stage and crowd with absolute conviction. The band ripped through the opening few songs, not giving any time for the crowd to breath. Guest spots from Andrew Fisher of Basement on ‘True Love’ and Dale Graham of Broken Teeth really added to the set and showed TUI‘s recognition of UK hardcore. Every time the band broke songs down into the hard two-steps and breakdowns, the venue opened up and the crowd went completely nuts. Ending on the massive sounding ‘Reality Unfolds’, the entire set is a non-stop adrenaline ride. The gauntlet had been firmly laid down.

Your Demise (****) hit the stage to brand new song ‘The Golden Age’, which went down brilliantly with the crowd who were predominantly there to see them play. Despite recently releasing a new album, the set is packed full of songs from previous record ‘The Kids We Used To Be…’, which still sounds as fresh and heavy as before. When they did play more of their newer songs, the crowd reaction was extremely impressive, even the extremely radio friendly ‘These Lights’ benefited greatly from an injection of live heaviness. Dipping into past territory, they dropped ‘Burnt Tongues’ and ‘MMX’ in succession, which opened up the floor and got people moshing hard. Ending on the anthemic ‘The Kids We Used To Be’, Your Demise have proved that they still step up and dominate the live scene.

Despite Your Demise pulling off a set comprised of new songs and old anthems, the set of the evening purely for the sheer power of it has to go to Trapped Under Ice. Every band played their part in making the eclectic lineup work, Manchester was not disappointed.

Written by Josh Peett