LIVE: Yellowcard @ Academy 2, Manchester (30/11/2011)

Date: November 30th, 2011
Venue: Academy 2, Manchester
Support: Saves The Day, The Wonder Years


It has been five long years since Yellowcard did a headline tour of the UK. They toured here last year when they inexplicably supported All Time Low. When I was 14, I was playing away on SSX3 which is when I discovered Yellowcard‘s ‘Way Away’, and I have been in love with the band ever since. So, you can imagine how much this gig means to me.

The odds are stacked against The Wonder Years (**); everyone is here for Yellowcard and Saves The Day. Being a pop-punk band, I feel that four guitars (three normal and one bass) is a tad overkill and doesn’t really benefit their sound much. Lead singer Dan “Soupy” Campbell has a rougher than usual voice for a pop-punk band, but it serves their sound well. What they don’t need is bassist Josh Martin shouting the odd random word down the microphone like Timmy from South Park. All this in mind though, they do have one or two catchy songs like ‘Logan’s Circle’, but with little movement or reaction from the crowd it’s hard to tell if people were enjoying it or not.

Co-headliners Saves The Day (****) waste no time in ploughing through their massive 21 song playlist. As soon as they take the stage, there’s a mad dash of fans heading to the front. Although there are a lot of die-hard fans here, there’s little movement or dancing going on. However, as I look around everyone is singing along to the likes of ‘Deranged & Desperate’ and ‘Let It All Go’. They have a refreshing variety of music, playing songs that sound similar to those of Ash, Motion City Soundtrack and Bowling For Soup. However, after an hour, their set starts to drag and the songs blend together. Never the less, they put on a good show and are a worthy co-headliner.

After a brief 20 minute wait, the lights fall and the camera phone go up as the almighty Yellowcard (****) bounce on stage. As soon as the play the very first note of ‘All Star Me’, the crowd erupts into a bouncy, screaming monster. It’s incredible to watch and judge, but then I realise I’m doing the same as everyone else and jumping around as if I’m 13 again. The crowd love each and every song they do, even the new ones like ‘See Me Smiling’ and ‘With You Around’. But, it’s when they play the classics of ‘Ocean Avenue’ that makes the evening something special. Given a strict 11pm curfew, they make sure they pack as many songs in their set as they can, and ending on ‘Lights And Sound’ and ‘Ocean Avenue’ left the evening on a high and very loud note.

Written by Andy Roberts