LIVE: Waterparks @ O2 ABC, Glasgow (06/03/2018)

Credit: Promo

Date: March 6th 2018
Venue: O2 ABC, Glasgow
Support: Patent Pending / Dead!


Fresh from the release of their sophomore LP ‘Entertainment’ in January, the Texan trio of Waterparks that have opted for British shores for the first tour run to promote the record; a ten-track wonder of pop-rock choruses, colourful charisma, and a sack full of synth-filled sequences. Just what’s needed in the dismal and dreary weathers of Glasgow.

First up, and with a lot of very justified anticipation, London five-piece Dead! [8] enter the stage with an air of authority and confidence that captures the attention of the whole room. The band bulldoze through tracks taken from their recently released debut ‘The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying’, with frontman Alex Nelson boasting the stage in a knock-out performance. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re not already watching the headliner at another show.

Patent Pending [7] are a totally different proposition, but they know how to have a fucking good time. Bursting on stage to The Vengaboys, the band thrive off of the early 2000s give-a-shit, feel-good pop punk, and there’s no denying that they’re entertaining to watch.

They’re armed with a hatful of stage antics, including a guitar solo from the balcony, frontman Joe Ragosta crowd surfing (twice) despite being told to quit it by security, many varied forms of hands in the air including pirate fingers and jazz hands, a cover of Cascada, and a nicely donned Super Mario hat for their throwback track, ‘Hey Mario’. It’s clear that Patent Pending are still going strong almost 17 years after forming, and the crowd still love them too.

Most of Glasgow must have woken up thanks to the piercing screams of the crowd when Waterparks [8] finally take to the stage. The boys swing through ‘Entertainment’ opener ’11:11′ before breaking into ‘Blonde’, getting the whole room off their feet, whilst Awsten Knight‘s glittery vocals shine over ‘Peach (Labotomy)’ and ‘Sleep Alone’.

Acoustic track ‘Lucky People’ breaks down the high energy and gives a voice to the crowd, drowning out Knight as he stands solely in the spotlight. ‘Crave’ serves as a throwback track to the band’s EP release days of old, but still appears a fan favourite as ever as guitarist Geoff Wigington springs from side-to-side of the stage. Between the pop-rock anthems, the three-piece step up the electronics on ‘Take Her To The Moon’ and ‘We Need To Talk’, demonstrating a live portrayal of the diverse sound Waterparks deliver, all before a full-throttle outburst of ‘Tantrum’ ends the show on a rage-fuelled screamed rant.

Waterparks are a breath of fresh air in the scene, not taking themselves too seriously whilst also retaining what people come to expect of a band under the pop-punk umbrella, and, what’s more, they can do it live too.

Written by Dylan Tuck (@dylanjtuck)