LIVE: Turbowolf @ The Roadhouse, Manchester (15/10/2012)

Date: October 15th, 2012
Venue: The Roadhouse, Manchester
Support: Black Magician / Black Moth
Website: None available


Since releasing their debut self-titled full-length in November 2011, Turbowolf have dominated the UK and European festival circuit. They have now embarked upon their first UK headline tour to coincide with the recent release of a string of cover EPs before they begin to start work on writing their second album.

A surprisingly empty venue greets the first support act Black Magician (*) with their super-fuzzy stoner, doom metal which is, at times, very hard to swallow. Their sound consists of very long intros, repetitive riffs and vocals more at home in the occult. Although a valiant effort, the performance seemed a little sloppy for such experienced musicians. The attempt to lull the audience into a trance-like state was dashed due to technical problems and awkwardness throughout the entire band: more shameful than shamanistic.

As the venue starts to fill, the energy is kicked up several notches with a blinding performance from Black Moth (*****). Huge psychedelic desert rock riffs, tearing solos and a little bit of gothic rock thrown in has the audience moving and fully vibing out. The female-fronted band is a refreshing new explosion of genre-bridging music with a live show that does not disappoint. Like Kyuss meeting The Misfits, there’s a dark air about the band juxtaposed with mind-blowing hooks and huge choral melodies. I predict nothing but good things for this band.

Now packed out, the crowd eagerly anticipate Turbowolf (*****) to take to the stage, “Tur-bo-wolf” is chanted only adding to the excitement. For their first headline tour, they clearly have a massive following and I can see why for their performance was nothing short of incredible. It takes no time at all to get the crowd moving again, this time all the more kinetic. Stage dive after stage dive, the varied audience shows their appreciation much to the delight and almost surprise of singer Chris Georgiadis. Tearing through songs, they leave little time for the crowd to lose interest. ‘A Rose For The Crows’ not only amps up the electricity in the venue, but also highlights the technical ability amongst the band, showing they’re true professionals. Singer of Black Moth, Harriet Bevan, accompanies them to play the cover of the Jefferson Airplane classic, ‘Somebody To Love’, for what was the highlight of the evening.

Never one to disappoint, Turbowolf show exactly why they have such an abundant fanbase, which I’m certain will only have grown from this run of shows. I impatiently await their return with new material.

Written by Jack Bastard