LIVE: Turbowolf @ Stereo, Glasgow (10/03/2018)

Date: March 10th 2018
Venue: Stereo, Glasgow
Support: Big Spring / Puppy


Not many bands have as staple a sound as Turbowolf do. Their rip-roaring, energetic fuzzy rock is riff heavy, loud and perfect for playing live, and, having just dropped their exuberant third LP, ‘The Free Life’, the band head up north to Glasgow on the second date of their UK tour with a bagful of buzzing tracks to blow the roof off of the tiny underground venue that is Stereo.

First up on the tiny stage is Big Spring [7], who were last year dubbed by Daniel P. Carter as the “best new band in Britain”. The Brighton based four-piece enter the stage to smash through their set with hard, heavy-hitting riffs which get a few of the early attendees heads banging. The quartet showcase an impressive range of vocals, confidently reaching high notes over crunching, grinding guitars fully-loaded with harmoniser and octave pedals that fuzz up the mix, creating a great live sound. Frontman Ollie Loring also details that their debut EP is soon to be released, so Big Spring are definitely not one to let slip under the radar.

With the venue now beginning to fill and the crowd semi-warmed up, Puppy [7] jump into action. The trio have a mammoth sound, the perfect warm-up for a band who love a good ol’ punchy riff themselves, and, with only one guitar and bass, it’s amazing how loud and expansively heavy Puppy manage to make themselves sound live. Frontman Jock Norton‘s Wheatus-esque style vocals over the rasping heavy metal distortion gets the crowd nodding their heads.

With the support all done and chilling at the merch stand, it’s time for Turbowolf [8]. Starting with the high-energy ‘Capital X’, the group take no time to get people jumping. The strong balance of Lianna Lee Davies‘ big, brash bass and Andy Ghosh‘s guzzly guitar is evident as they glide through the rampant opener. Singer Chris Georgiadis steps onto the stage flipping his long flowing black hair as the he begins to command the venue, with big block lights at the back of the stage engulfing the room in a wash of white light.

‘Ancient Snake’ and ‘The Big Cut’ take a step back into self-titled album territory, which, judging by the huge cheer and sudden bouncy movement of the crowd goes down well. New banger ‘Domino’ is a stellar track and sounds as good live as it does on record, despite the lack of Royal Blood‘s own Mike Kerr. At one point, Georgiadis climbs a tall-standing speaker and dives straight into the pit of the crowd, showing this group have the rock moves as well as the tunes.

‘Rabbit Foot’ is another fan favourite, as the stomping-riffed belter hears the crowd at full volume singing back “I need some kind of voodoo / I need some kind of love”, before Ghosh‘s fuzzy harmoniser-pedal induced guitar blares the melody of title-track ‘The Free Life’, bringing this wild ride to a crashing climax.

Written by Dylan Tuck (@dylanjtuck)