LIVE: TRC @ Red Rooms, Nottingham (11/11/2013)

Date: November 11th, 2013
Venue: Red Rooms, Nottingham
Support: Aurora / Astroid Boys
Website: None available


Hardcore shows in Nottingham’s Red Room are always incredibly intimate and violent, and tonight is no exception. London’s own TRC are in Nottingham for an incredibly anticipated night, featuring support from Welsh grime/beatdown lads Astroid Boys and Birmingham’s own Aurora.

On first glance, female-fronted Aurora (***) seem a little incompatible compared to the rest of the line-up, playing a mix of hardcore and pop-punk often in the vein of Paramore with breakdowns. The band play to a decent crowd, though aren’t greeted with the reception they may be used to. They storm through a half-hour slot, with vocalist Jessica Calvesbert jumping into the crowd whilst giving an incredibly impressive vocal performance, mixing both clean singing with shrill screams.

Astroid Boys (*****) follow and give the best performance of the evening, stepping the bar up dramatically from Aurora‘s performance. The band’s unique brand of hip-hop with the odd beatdown is received well by the crowd, as reflected in the incredibly violent pit. Vocalist Traxx is a pleasure to watch, and is rarely stood still. The setlist is mainly the band’s newer material off their ‘Bacon Dream’ EP, and songs like ‘Minging’ and ‘Bad-A$$’ go down incredibly well. The set’s full of heart and passion and the next time Astroid Boys come back, it wouldn’t be surprising if the room was even more packed.

Headliners TRC (****) take to the stage soon after, tonight featuring Nathan of Prowler on vocals filling in for Anthony Carroll. The stage banter in between tracks is always enjoyable and the band, despite being short of a few members, deliver a great set all round. The set is comprised of mostly newer material, especially off the less-well received ‘Nation’ LP, but stand-out moments include the sing-along in the final breakdown of ‘H.A.T.E.R.S.’ as well as set finale, ‘Heartless’.

If anything, the night proved two things: that the UKHC scene is on top form and the Red Room is the best venue in Nottingham for hardcore shows by far. The next time any of tonight’s bands play Nottingham again, there’s no doubt they’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Written by Jack Boaden