LIVE: Trash Boat @ G2, Glasgow (26/09/2017)

Date: September 26th 2017
Venue: G2, Glasgow
Support: Broadside / Homebound / Toy Mountains


The touring cycle for Trash Boat‘s 2016 debut album ‘Nothing I Write You Can Change What You’ve Been Through’ has taken the band worldwide, and even landed them support slots on UK tours with the likes of The Wonder Years and Beartooth. So, with this show, it’s exciting to where the band are after touring with some big names in some big venues.

First up on the bill are local Glaswegians Toy Mountains [6]. The 4-piece band carry a big, heavy sound and make the most of the opportunity they have tonight, but starting so early on means that it’s a fairly weakened crowd, and not many are here to discover the group.

Following on from them, up step Sussex boys Homebound [6]. The band play through most of their 2017 release, ‘The Mould You Build Around Yourself’, yet there are some annoying technical hiccups which you can see are agitating for the band, and perhaps make them lose their stride a bit. The crowd are also not completely engaging as it’s still early doors, despite the band’s best efforts to get them going. The songs are there though, and certainly in the future, Homebound will be a big band to watch out for.

The crowd wait for Californian 5-piece Broadside [8] to take the stage, and boy, do they. Making only their second UK tour appearance, this performance could easily be mistaken for that of a headlining band as they command the stage charismatically, making those at the front of the crowd go crazy for songs like ‘Coffee Talk’ and ‘Story Teller’. The best feature of their performance is how the band share vocal responsibilities so seamlessly, with backing vocals and screams from every member of the band without missing a note. A great performance, which pumps the crowd up perfectly for the headliners.

Not long after, Trash Boat [9] smash onto the stage, after yet more technical issues, which ruin their ‘MC Grindah’ intro track, vocalist Tobi Duncan jokes that “it can’t get worse than that.” ‘Tring Quarry’ is the perfect opener, and has the floor jumping. Keeping everyone moving, the band swing between tracks from on ‘Nothing I Write You…’ along with their 2015 EP, ‘Brainwork’, and maintain an extremely high pace and upbeat mood.

The vocal performance from frontman Duncan is exceptional, hitting every note with energetic ease, and it looks like he’s loving every minute of it, something which carries to the crowd, who are in turn throwing themselves around the pit. The St. Albans boys are not without their fair share of sing along tracks too, with the crowd screaming back along to ‘The Guise Of A Mother’, ‘Catharsis’, and finale ‘Strangers’. You can see that the band are clearly great performers, and are enjoying themselves too.

The second album looms for Trash Boat now, and with it, will come some bigger tours and shows to look forward to.

Written by Dylan Tuck (@dylankightuck)

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