LIVE: Touché Amoré @ Sound Control, Manchester (27/03/2012)

Date: March 27th, 2012
Venue: Sound Control, Manchester
Support: Apologies, I Have None / Pianos Become The Teeth


With tonight being only Touché Amoré‘s second ever performance in the city of Manchester, the first of which being over a year ago at an almost small pub sized venue, the UK fanbase behind this band has swelled tenfold. Now, on their first proper headline tour on British shores, it’s time to see what this increase in crowd size can do for their live performance.

London openers Apologies, I Have None (**) have been hyped up a lot so far this year, and at the rate things are going they’re soon to be headlining stages of this size themself before 2012 is out. Though admittedly their set is far from bad, the band just seem a little out of their element, especially with the unresponsive crowd. It’s a shame they don’t show their true colours until set closer, ‘Captain Pond’.

The more atmospheric Pianos Become The Teeth (***) still stand before a crowd who unlike the band lack in energy, but unless you’re a fan in advance, PBTT aren’t the easiest band to get into musically. However, tracks like ‘I’ll Be Damned’ resonate long after they’ve finished, and the emotion delivered through Kyle Durfey‘s vocal performance. With a different and more familiar crowd, things could’ve panned out very differently.

It’s clear that the vast majority of the crowd then are here for one band only: Touché Amoré (****). Right from the very first chord stabs and visceral screams of Jeremy Bolm, the Manchester crowd are up in arms for the Californian post-hardcore outfit. Though on these shores they may be considered to some as a fresh new band, the overwhelming impressive choruses sung out from the fans through tracks like ‘Honest Sleep’, ‘Cadence’ and ‘~’ would signify something else entirely. And, judging from the one new untitled track the band unveiled during the set, it’s safe to say the name Touché Amoré is only going to sky rocket as the months pass by.

Written by Zach Redrup