LIVE: This Wild Life @ Sound Control, Manchester (01/10/2014)

Date: October 1st, 2014
Venue: Sound Control, Manchester
Support: To Anywhere / Rob Lynch


A long line of fans eagerly await the first appearance in Manchester of Californian pop-punk turned acoustic duo, This Wild Life. Supporting their recently released full-length album, ‘Clouded’, tonight promises to be a more low key affair than the boys are used to delivering, as if the new nature of this band. However, the fans are undeterred and are looking forward to the evening’s proceedings.

Opening tonight are folk seven-piece To Anywhere (***), who barely fit onto tonight’s stage at their fourth ever live show. Each band member in turn takes the lead, and it soon becomes apparent that this is a collective of solo artists getting used to working together. It will come with time, but they aren’t quite cohesive enough yet. That said, there are some impressive performances such as Sam Lyon‘s impeccable vocals.

Up next is solo artist Rob Lynch (***), managing to entertain the crowd well with his acoustic guitar and positive attitude. Tracks such as ‘Plans’ go down well, and heartfelt new single ‘Whisky’ allows Lynch to talk to the audience and share a personal experience. Unfortunately, the crowd lose interest before the end of his set and begin to talk over Lynch, which is a shame and dampens the atmosphere.

The crowd happily welcome headliners This Wild Life (***), who open their set with ‘Concrete’ pleasing the crowd, as later number ‘History’ continues to do. The band also share some personal experiences with the crowd before playing ‘No More Bad Days’, old track ‘Puppy Love’ and their popular viral cover of Bring Me The Horizon‘s hit anthem, ‘Sleepwalking’. Sadly, vocalist Kevin Jordan does seem to be straining his voice a bit to keep up, guitarist Anthony Del Grosso doesn’t interact and, whilst the crowd are enjoying the set, they only get half an hour from the headliners and no encore from a band you’d think would be relishing their first opportunity in a new city.

Overall, there were good performances tonight, but the crowd are leave unfulfilled by This Wild Life who will have to deliver more if they want to establish themselves as more than a support act for larger bands, which they admit themselves they’re far more used to.

Written by Jonathon Barlow (@Narlow1)