LIVE: The One Hundred @ Rebellion, Manchester (13/05/2017)

Credit: Promo

Date: May 13th 2017
Venue: Rebellion, Manchester
Support: MassMatiks


It’s been a long time coming, around three years infact, that London lads The One Hundred put out any new music following their debut EP ‘Subculture’, which dropped way back in the summer of 2014. Since then, it seems the band have been almost consistently touring. Only now, with full-length ‘Chaos + Bliss’ on the way, have the band managed to find time to collect themselves, and head out on the first headline UK tour of their own.

They’ve only brought one support act on the road with them, and that has come in the form of South East London quartet, MassMatiks [5]. They manage to kick up a good deal of energy pretty early, carrying a sound and swagger that sits somewhere between discount Don Broco and Lower Than Atlantis meets The Streets, and, though their lyrics are relatable and far from cryptic, it comes across a bit faux rock. ‘4AM’ and ‘Independence (A Lack Of)’ are both pretty weighty, it’s just a shame that otherwise there’s still a bit of work needed.

It’s the final date of the tour, and for a pretty fresh faced band, The One Hundred [8] aren’t pulling any punches. They jump in the deep end right from the off, performing four tracks from their forthcoming album, three of which are more or less yet to be heard, from the start. ‘Disengage’ is an exhilarating salvo, and soon after ‘Feast’ comes in with a somewhat trap-esque backdrop, showing off some of the band’s less conventional influences.

Indeed, a few more new cuts fill the room, such as ‘Boomtown’ and the hip-hop fuelled ‘Blackjack’, all with plenty of gusto, but nothing brings the room to life as much as their more familiar numbers. ‘Downfall’ gets almost the whole of the Rebellion floor singing back a chorus in a call-to-arms refrain, ‘Dark Matters’ sees a marry of all the best and non-dated qualities of Limp Bizkit and Spineshank compacted into one track, and with ‘Kingsmen’, despite frontman Jacob Field‘s scare of almost losing his voice earlier in the day, sees him belt discordant screams like a beast, making it seem as simple as breathing.

If their live showcases are anything to go by, ‘Chaos + Bliss’ may be one of the more experimental and refreshing debut releases we might see the year; The One Hundred putting a pin into any genre that can be moulded into their own and putting their stamp on it. Equal parts chaos and equal parts bliss, expect plenty more headline tours from one of the UK’s most exciting new bands very soon.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)