LIVE: The Ghost Inside @ Academy 3, Manchester (22/02/2013)

Date: February 22nd, 2013
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Support: Landscapes / Stray From The Path / Bury Tomorrow


Heavy hitters The Ghost Inside admittedly aren’t regular visitors to the UK, but when they do they’re surely a band not to be missed. Touring in promotion of their latest full-length, ‘Get What You Give’, the Californian powerhouse are hitting up some rather tiny venues on this tour run, sponsored by both Impericon and Rock Sound, including Manchester’s Academy 3, which we stood witness to.

Unfortunately, we were unable to catch enough of opener Landscapes and their set to be able to give a justified review of their performance.

However, second act Stray From The Path (****) definitely detonated the crowd before them into an absolute frenzy. Songs like ‘Landmines’, ‘Mad Girl’ and ‘Rising Sun’ sees a flow of people constantly surfing onstage, joining the band, and a few people screaming down the microphone with frontman, Drew York. From the way the crowd reacted, it seems like Stray From The Path are finally beginning to receive the attention they deserve from the UK.

British metalcore boys Bury Tomorrow (***) keep the energy levels up, with pits continuing and crowd surfers still flying up on the small stage. Arguably the most opinion splitting act on the line-up, and the band know this, even the haters must give credit to a band who clearly give it there all on stage no matter what the show. The likes of ‘Lionheart’ and ‘Royal Blood’ get the first true sing-a-longs for the evening and, overall, leave the mood right for the headliners.

As such, The Ghost Inside (****) are greeted with a roar of cheers from the crowd and right away from opener ‘This Is What I Know About Sacrifice’ these roars convert to pits aplenty, even more crowd surfers and people screaming along to every word. Whilst also bringing to the forefront for one of the first times in the UK how well newer material like ‘Outlive’ and ‘Thirty Three’ translate in a live setting, they also treat some of the older fans to debut album offerings like ‘Shiner’ and ‘Provoke’.

However, it’s the encore of ‘Engine 45’ that rings as the most dominant highlight. Frontman Jonathan Vigil soon becomes ambushed by fans, desperate to grab his microphone and scream the closing hook and, ultimately, bringing the gig to an intense and satisfying end.

Written by Zach Redrup