LIVE: The Dillinger Escape Plan @ Academy 2, Manchester (20/01/2017)

Date: January 20th 2017
Venue: Academy 2, Manchester
Support: Primitive Weapons / Ho99o9


Kurt Cobain once said that “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”, and, whilst The Dillinger Escape Plan certainly aren’t burning out (if anything, they’re at their creative peak), they’re definitely not fading away. The New Jersey lot are doing one last round, and with a whole new album in ‘Dissociation’ too, offering one last chance for the fans to say goodbye before the extinguish the flame.

Unfortunately, travel complications resulted in us missing the entirety of Primitive Weapon‘s set, establishing the tone for the evening.

You’re gonna be hard pressed to find a band anywhere that are chaotic, erratic, and uncontainable as the evening’s headliners. However, to say Ho99o9 [5] are run of the mill would be a straight up lie, emitting the energy and hardcore punk rock vibrance of Trash Talk, the ferocity of Death Grips, and the incohesive chaos of Test Icicles. Though the effort certainly cannot be questioned, most of the time the frantic nature of it all seems to lack any trace of purpose, leaving many confused and, ultimately, void of interest.

This is it. The final time that Manchester will ever host the presence and performance of The Dillinger Escape Plan [9]. The band hold a true legacy in their wake, and, if nothing else, regardless of you’re opinion of them, you’d be a fool to say they’re not one of the most insane live acts of this generation.

Though the destruction of property, either their own or that of the venue, is admittedly incredibly minimal, and the clambering and climbing across any surface of the room that they physically can just isn’t so, TDEP haven’t needed and still at the end of their days don’t need that to show their worth.

The hook laden ‘Milk Lizard’ and ‘Black Bubblegum’, the erratically enjoyable ‘Prancer’ and ‘Panasonic Youth’, and everything inbetween are all delivered with a conviction of a band at their peak, and indeed, that’s where TDEP are. Greg Puciato‘s screams are consistently venomous, Ben Weinman is borderline demolishing his guitar whilst barely hitting a note, and Billy Rymer could be one of the best drummers in the scene right now.

Despite a setlist that caters to a fan on every part of their career, it’s the encore that caters to the die-hards, and as soon as they return to the stage they jump into ‘Mouth Of Ghosts’, and the insanity ensues with ‘Sunshine The Werewolf’. It’s at this point, however, where things taken an unexpected turn. The band stop, the venue lights up, and things are halted due to a medical emergency towards the front of the room. It may not have been the end they wanted, but putting the fans first shows that TDEP aren’t all about tearing things down, but building things back up.

Dillinger, you’ll be sorely missed.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)