LIVE: The Devil Wears Prada @ White Rabbit, Plymouth (10/02/2012)

Date: February 10th, 2012
Venue: White Rabbit, Plymouth
Support: Brotherhood Of The Lake, Last Witness


Dayton Ohio’s The Devil Wears Prada are fresh off the back of their fourth full-length, ‘Dead Throne’, and by the look of the turn out for tonight’s gig, their first headline date in Plymouth ever, it’s gained them a lot of fans. There are flat caps as far as the eye can see and an average age of about twelve, but there’s a good atmosphere nonetheless.

Brotherhood Of The Lake (**) disappoint. It’s their hometown show but they make no mention of it, and by their levels of enjoyment you wouldn’t know it. I’ve seen them a couple of times before; once with Rinoa when they played a phenomenal atmospheric set, and once on the Six Great Reasons tour where they weren’t terrific. They really are a mixed bag. The gritty guitar tone is good, the vocals are scabrous and when there is a breakdown it’s tight as fuck. At one point in the set they completely cut out for no reason, prompting a “what happened?” from vocalist Rob before continuing on as if nothing happened. It’s a shame, because they’re clearly going to be big in the coming years.

If you love breakdowns, you’ll love Last Witness (***). They’re one of those bands who tend to pad out the transitions between them and rely heavily on the kids in the pit flailing their arms about. Nonetheless, they’ve got energy and it rubs off on the crowd. It’s an impressive stage presence from such a young band as they play songs from their two EPs, ‘Give Up’ and ‘An Unfinished Life’. They also throw in a couple of new tracks from upcoming album ‘The Mourning After’ (which, shocker, is very breakdown heavy). Vocalist Theo is unperturbed by microphone problems near the end.

As the room floods with a new flurry of 10 year olds, The Devil Wears Prada (*****) bring their A-game. Despite getting on the wrong side of the crowd (“This is the first time we’ve played here I think?” – cue a chorus of mutters and boos), Mike Hranica commands that the audience give their all. The new songs are heavier than the old and go down well. There are also a couple of tracks from my personal favourite by TDWP: ‘Zombie’, including ‘Outnumbered’. Jeremy DePoyster‘s clean vocals are very impressive and don’t dampen the heaviness at all. A three-song encore concludes a very impressive set from a band that fall in the pile of those that always seem to be playing festivals, but you never see. For a lot of the crowd tonight, this will have been their first gig, and what an introduction they’ve been given.

Written by Martin Savage