LIVE: The Blackout @ The Irish Centre, Birmingham (03/10/2008)

Date: October 3rd, 2008
Venue: The Irish Centre, Birmingham
Support: The Medic Droid, We Are The Ocean, From First To Last


Sleep All Day, Party All Night is the name of the tour, commandeered and lead by Welsh post-hardcore upstarts The Blackout, and they’ve taken two American-based bands and a fellow UK act along for the ride with them. In the local pub-like appearance and layout of The Irish Centre in Birmingham, it seems like an odd looking place for a band set of this caliber to be playing in, but none the less they intend to party all night.

First act The Medic Droid (***) are probably the most out of place in terms of genre here tonight, but their deliverance of electro-rock/funk tunes gets people to fling their arms and legs about and get the dance floor active. Their online infecting song ‘Fer Sure’ goes down a treat with the crowd, thanks to the popularity of its presence on MySpace, the song is pretty much sung word for word by many members of the audience.

We Are The Ocean (***) are definitely a much heavier band from that of The Medic Droid, causing mosh pit after mosh pit in the middle of the crowd tonight. The crowd gave them a very welcomed reception, with many people jumping up and down to the likes of ‘Save Me Said The Saviour’, and a huge chorus sing-a-long fest to ‘Ready For The Fall’ which at times managed to overpower vocalists Dan and Liam. Their final song of the set ‘Nothing Good Has Happened Yet’ let them take off the stage with a bang, setting off a large circle pit right in the centre of the dance floor, all whilst guitarist Alfie has climbed onto a large stand of the guitar speakers, took a seat, and is gleefully playing the outro riff to the song.

A huge welcome is given to final support act From First To Last (****) once they take to the stage and play the first few chords of ‘Mothersound’, which now without ex-vocalist Sonny Moore comes across much heavier and somewhat better crafted and delivered. This seems to be the same with all of the older material they play, like ‘Note To Self’, ‘The Latest Plague’, and ‘Dead Baby Kickball’. The combining effort and range of Matt Good‘s clean vocals, Travis Richter‘s demon-like screams, and Matt Manning‘s low barks and grunts make their performance everything but boring. By the time they reach ‘Ride The Wings Of Pestilence’ the crowd goes crazy, with words being sung back to the band whilst bodies are flying everywhere in the mosh pit. Sean Smith of The Blackout joins the band onstage for the closing breakdown of the song, screaming “Ride the wings of pestilence!” and helping to bring their set to an amazing finish.

About half an hour or so after the previous band, headliners The Blackout (***) come out to have their turn, brought out by the crowd’s ongoing chants of “We… are… the dynamite”. Blitzing through a set with their charismatic nature, The Blackout are making this evening as interactive and as humorous as it is exciting and intense, making songs like ‘The Beijing Cocktail’, ‘I’ve Got Better Things To Do Tonight Than Die’, and ‘I’m A Riot? You’re A Fucking Riot!’ go down a treat. The band even pulled out a surprise, and performed their own cover of Katy Perry‘s airwave-bothering track ‘I Kissed A Girl’, and made the song their own. Though their show was great, to put it bluntly, it seems The Blackout were a tad off form than they usually are, but none the less, they managed to put on a great show with microphones being swung about here and there, raging riffs belting out of the stage speakers, and vocalists Gavin Butler and Sean Smith doing their job keeping in touch with the crowd.

Written by Zach Redrup