LIVE: SummerJam @ Sound Control, Manchester (20/07/2013)

Date: July 20th, 2013
Venue: Sound Control, Manchester


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Coming back for a second year running in a bigger venue and now across two stages, Manchester’s SummerJam once again brings to the table some of the UK’s best up-and-coming bands, so of course we are proud to be one of the sponsors this year. Obviously, as one of the sponsors, we just had to get involved in the sweaty packed out rooms that were inevitably due to arrive.


London metalcore boys Despite My Deepest Fear open up the main stage for this year’s SummerJam to a rather reasonably sized crowd, and though their efforts onstage are definitely put out there, it’s a shame that the most action the crowd are willing to return to them is a few nods of the head. With a bit more energy from the crowd to feed off, DMDF‘s set may have reached its full potential. [ZR]

The self-claimed “scouse metal” outfit Carcer City bring a special guest on stage before even beginning to play a single song: Miranda. Who is Miranda you ask? Currently the band are without a drummer, so sex doll Miranda is a temporary replacement (really though, they’re playing the drums through a laptop output). From here, the main stage’s first wave of mosh pits and hardcore dancers come out to play, thrashing out alongside a fantastic set including ‘If We Make It Home’ and closer, ‘The Process’. [ZR]

The Leeds heavy hitters take to the stage to a roar of screams, screams that definitely were not silent. The low growls that erupt from frontman Joel Heywood are almost demonic, and in a live setting he makes their songs sound heavier than on record. This alongside a rather dominating presence that bears some resemblance to the late Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, supported by battering instrumentation from his bandmates, it’s a shame that Silent Screams don’t get all of the circle pits they ask for. Wait ’til this time next year though, and that could all change. [ZR]

Fusing metal, rap and some dance elements, on paper Hacktivist appear to be a band whose combination of sounds would either a) not work at all or b) send a direct plethora of hate straight to them. However, the two could not be further from the truth. The vocal trade-off between co-frontmen J Hurley and Ben Marvin is effortless, with the band’s facelift given to make their cover of ‘Niggas In Paris’ heavier than imaginable, thanks to the 8-string input of axe-man Timfy James and bass slapping Josh Gurner. Newest offering ‘Elevate’ also sees the room explode, and the band leave more than enough hype to fuel the crowd up until their headline tour in November/December. [ZR]

Performing what will be their final ever show in Manchester and one of their final shows ever as a band, Shadows Chasing Ghosts put in all their effort to go out with a bang for their Mancunian fans. Sticking mainly to debut album material, such as ‘Searchlights’ and ‘Girl In Sheeps Clothing’, the first few front rows are screaming along to every word and all clamber for the microphone when frontman Trey Tremain jumps to the barrier and gets in their faces. A fitting send off the London post-hardcore troupe. [ZR]

Certainly the heaviest band to be performing on the main stage today, and probably the whole weekend, Martyr Defiled set things into all new realms of heavy, and the crowd love it. Frontman Matt Jones throws himself into the crowd on several occassions, and the people climbing on top of one another to scream along to the likes of ‘The Sectarian State’ and ‘Goldstein’ is yet to be topped at this year’s SummerJam. With bassist Harry Johns swinging from the roof railings and tossing his bass back onto the stage during the sets final moments, Martyr Defiled are a definite festival highlight. [ZR]

The waves being set by Milton Keynes metallers Heart Of A Coward lately is definitely testament to a great future for the band once album number two finally drops, and with a live set like today’s this only further cements this. ‘We Stand As One’ and ‘Deadweight’ stand out as particular set highlights, bringing some of the biggest mosh pits seen at Sound Control. [ZR]

Erratic hardcore punk outfit Feed The Rhino are reknowned for their super energetic and in-your-face live shows, and tonight’s is no different. Frontman Lee Tobin is all over the place whilst screeching down the microphone to the likes of ‘The Burning Sons’ and ‘Mr. Red Eye’. At one point, both Tobin and bassist Oz Craggs jump into the middle of the crowd and make a mini mosh pit for themselves. This, coupled with a massive wall of death leaves peace of mind that Feed The Rhino still are one of the UK’s best live acts today. [ZR]

Though coming onstage over 20 minutes later than originally scheduled, inciting taunts of booing and chants for second stage headliners Yashin, Southampton’s Bury Tomorrow finally take to the stage and, as expected, the crowd go wild. Opening with crowd favourite ‘Lionheart’, immediately the crowd erupt and any sweat and heat that’s already filled the room gets multiplied tenfold. Older hit ‘Anything With Teeth’ sees the crowd screaming back “Blood on the walls” to frontman Dani Winter-Bates, but it’s the encore of ‘Royal Blood’ which seems the room truly explode and the headliners close of the first day of 2013’s SummerJam the way it was intended to. [ZR]


First band on today’s bill, The Catharsis, draw a somewhat stationary crowd where there’s more movement on stage than there is in the pit. As they storm through their destructive set, more momentum builds up in the crowd, leading to a few spurts of hardcore dancing here and there. Frontman Morgan has plenty of experience whipping up a storm in a stubborn crowd and watching him in action is like watching art. His vocals are impressively powerful, even without the microphone and when coupled with the relentless metal provided from rest of the band you have a damn fine sound right there. [AR]

With the crowd all nice and limbered up, Continents take the reins and lead them to a more chaotic and darker place. They the size of the crowd perfectly by inducing a fair few pits, which continue to get bigger and bigger as their set ploughs on. These Welshies have a few tricks up their sleeves too and bring out their gimp mask clad friend and throw him in the pit to really cause some damage. It’s things like this that make a memorable set even though their music is good enough to leave a lasting impression. That and their bassist Dom Turner‘s glorious moustache; it’s hypnotic. [AR]

Keeping up the high energy atmosphere, Napoleon waste no time in getting stuck in. They have a more upbeat sound than previous acts and riffs that remind me somewhat of those of New Found Glory and The Story So Far. They’re also a bit more versatile than previous acts, with a few guitar solos thrown in here and there giving a nice change of pace to the day. With a set of dedicated fans at the front, Napoleon effortlessly bowl over the crowd and deliver a flawless set. [AR]

One of the more experienced bands on today’s bill, Malefice provide a healthy injection of metalcore into the proceedings. Though the crowd seem to be a bit more reserved with the Reading based quintet, they’re still politely head banging along throughout their steady set. Sadly though, the lack of chuggy breakdowns mean the crowd are less likely to participate in a pit, but nevertheless they still enjoy the superbly executed and high quality metal that Malefice have to offer. [AR]

Don’t let the rather fetching shorts fool you, as Demoraliser prove they are just as dangerous as any other act on today’s bill. They give the crowd exactly what they crave: good ol’ balls out hardcore with more breakdowns than an episode of Britain’s Got Talent. The pit is a frenzy of hardcore dancers and there were more limbs flying about than a suicide bomber at a leper colony. At least all of that windmilling kept everyone cool for a bit. Demoraliser are the ideal band for SummerJam and their own brand of mayhem fits as a great follow-up from the acts that have preceded them. [AR]

Terrified, disturbed and scarred for life; these are the three phrases that spring to mind when I think of Desolated‘s set, easily being one of the most violent, chaotic and downright painful act of the day. The raw energy and hate they bring to the stage can only be matched by something in a horror film and the effect they have on the crowd is more powerful and brainwashing than the church of scientology. Make no mistake, this is a band to definitely check out but, if you’re not a pit-person, please stay the fuck away from the front. [AR]

After the atrocities that had just occurred, I think everybody needed a bit of a breather. Thankfully, The Elijah offer a suitable soundtrack to chill out to and deliver a more mellow set. In fact, a special note must be made about Michael‘s clean vocals as they were outstanding and a fitting contrast to Dan‘s powerful and intense screams. With their ambient synths and slow paced riffs, they provide a refreshing change of pace from the previous acts and a much needed touch of diversity into the day. [AR]

York quintet With One Last Breath take to the stage and waste no time whipping the relatively small crowd into an absolute frenzy. Vocalist Sam Graves seamlessly shifts between singing and screaming through the likes of ‘Forgive Never Forget’ and new track ‘Until The End’, whilst bassist Joe Lancaster keeps the crowd going wild. Ending on crowd favourite ‘After The Suffering’, they see out their set with as much energy and chaos as they began and leave the crowd tremendously satisfied and exhausted. [JB]

YASHIN – 8/10
Headliners Yashin have to cram onto the stage and tear into their set as frontmen Harry Radford and Kevin Miles bump into each other throughout. Upbeat tracks like ‘Make It Out Alive’ and ‘Last One Standing’ get the crowd jumping, despite a call for a circle pit falling on deaf ears. Mellower numbers ‘The Game’ and ‘Stand Up’ provide a nice change of pace, before treating the crowd to some new material, including a quick sample of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ and bringing Shadows Chasing Ghosts frontman Trey Tremain onstage for a cover of Linkin Park‘s huge hit, ‘One Step Closer’. Closing with ‘Runaway Train’, Yashin polish off a great performance.

Written by Zach Redrup [ZR], Andy Roberts [AR] and Jonathon Barlow [JB]

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