LIVE: SummerJam @ Moho Live, Manchester – Sunday (22/07/2012)

Date: July 22nd, 2012
Venue: Moho Live, Manchester


Not content on the lack of rock orientated festivals within Manchester, the guys over at Mutiny Events decided to call this to an end immediately and so enters the debut year of 3-day weekender, SummerJam. Bringing in the continuously growing UK hardcore scene into light for the festival’s closing day, SummerJam‘s final hours were born to be chaotic.

Survival (***) kick proceedings off, turning things in the crowd into a fight for survival themselves very early on. Limbs are flying and everyone is having a great time, with a band who have set the path for the remaining acts to follow that day rather nicely. [ZR]

Locals Leeds boys Hardships (***) keep the hardcore punk ethos of the Sunday line-up in tact, despite the fact that the crowd seem a little less eager to get involved than the day’s opening act. Still, frontman Damo gets into the forefront of the crowd screaming his lungs out, though his fellow bandmates could’ve done a little more to help build up the room’s energy. [ZR]

Hardcore boys Splitcase (***) waste no time and tear through their set, packed to the teeth with breakdowns and the snarling roars that get the crowd going. Though whilst they put on a solid performance, it falls a little flat when other bands of the day work hard to draw the distant crowd up to the stage and get them involved. That said, some crowd members are enthusiastic and appreciate the band’s efforts with their cover of ‘Life Is Pain’ going down a treat, and leaving people feeling generally pleased considering how short their set was. [JB]

The hardcore menacing continues with By My Hands (**), though things don’t stay quite as exhilirating as it has been so far during the day, despite the continuation of airborne limbs and flying bodies. It’s a shame then that overall things just seem a little bit stagnant and forced, which turn comes across as a performance far from its true potential. [ZR]

Taking to the stage next are the quintet Prowler (****) who whip the room into a frenzy with their instrumental prowess. Although his vocals succeed in getting the crowd going wild, frontman Nathan delivers the lyrics in such a way that not only does each scream sound similar, but he could also be serenading you with the most beautiful lyrics of all time or telling the world how he slept with your grandmother, yet you’d have no idea either way and have to just carry on blissfully unaware. All in all, it’s a solid performance that no doubt won over many new fans. [JB]

The crowd eagerly awaits favourites Hang The Bastard (*****) who finally give this day the top-notch performance its needs and blow everyone away. Complete with new frontman Mike, who doesn’t hesitate to get involved and into the pit avoiding flailing limbs as he goes, they flawlessly tear through a combination of old and new songs which pleases the crowd no end. Despite looking absolutely knackered between songs, the band never lets up with constant breakdowns forcing the crowd to use all their energy and leave tremendously satisfied. [JB]

The amount of people jumping on and off of the stage during Broken Teeth‘s (***) set is too hard to count and despite the welcomed ferocity of Dale Graham‘s vocals when he finally gets to do his part in the band, it comes all too far and few in between. It’s the crushing riff work combined with his roars that really boosts this band’s performance. [ZR]

It’s a undoubtable relief that Welsh hardcore favourites Brutality Will Prevail (*****) send off the first ever SummerJam in great finese. It’s clear from all of the Purgatory Records t-shirts worn by the crowd throughout the day that the support for the UK hardcore scene is strong today, and the reception to BWP‘s set only amplifies it. Frontman Ajay commands the stage through the likes of ‘Cursed’, and with a sneak peek of some new material shoved in there for good measure, it looks like the future of UK is definitely in safe hands for the foreseeable future. [ZR]

Written by Zach Redrup [ZR] and Jonathon Barlow [JB]