LIVE REVIEW: Stray From The Path @ Rebellion, Manchester (08/10/2017)

Date: October 8th 2017
Venue: Rebellion, Manchester
Support: Renounced / Capsize / Obey The Brave


Since they dropped their controversial video for their provoking track, ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’, which rubbed up a lot of people in the wrong way (just check the YouTube comments), it seems a lot of eyes have been set on Stray From The Path. Of course, anyone who has any partial knowledge of the band knows of their outspoken approach to politics and hot social topics, and they’ve brought their engaging ethos and mentality over to the UK.

Renounced [7] kick things off with some metalcore tinged hardcore à la Malevolence and, even with the room still steadily filling, they manage to entice reactions pretty early. Frontman Daniel Gray paces across the stage as he roars and screams to the likes of ‘My Last Dying Wish’, and the buzzsaw riff work is oh so good.

Replacing Wolf Down almost last minute, Canadian metalcore troupe Obey The Brave [7] step into the frame, and pack punch after punch of breakdown laden beats. A far more melodic outlet for frontman Alex Erian than his other outfit Despised Icon, the chorus hooks are far more catchy in a live setting than on record and, judging from the pits and room bouncing to the likes of ‘Mad Season’, a return visit to the UK soon is definitely in demand.

Recent years have seen Californians Capsize [8] take a far more melodic route, moving from hardcore into the post-hardcore realms, and, with the room pretty much packed out by this point and everyone finally crammed to the front, they’re here to sing and scream along. Freshest offering ‘Cold Shoulder’ soars across the Rebellion room before following number ‘You Can’t Come Home The Same’ brings the discordant chords and aggression back to the table, all before seeing us out with the hook laden closer, ‘Tear Me Apart’.

It’s not long before outspoken New Yorkers Stray From The Path [8] make their appearance and, from this point forward, the room erupts into chaos, to put it mildly. Frontman Drew York bounces from one side of the stage to the other as he spits out songs like ‘Plead The Fifth’ and ‘Loudest In The Room’, all the while facing a barrage of crowd surfers, rallying the fans before them to scream the words right back at him.

Indeed, midway through their set York talks about their stance on talking points that matter in today’s society and political instability, and rightfully denounces any trace of racism or extreme nationalism before pouncing into ‘Goodnight Alt-Right’.

Encore and closing number ‘Only Death Is Real’ brings one final sing along for the evening and, clearly, in a time where many are becoming increasingly despondent to the way that the world seems to be heading, it brings at least a small sigh of relief that there are bands out there actively and explicitly fighting oppression, and standing up for what they believe in.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)