LIVE: Seaway @ Stereo, Glasgow (13/01/2018)

Date: January 13th 2018
Venue: Stereo, Glasgow
Support: Woes / Lizzy Farrall / Remind Me Of Home


Last year saw Canadian pop-punk favourites Seaway release their feel good summer LP ‘Vacation’, and most of their calendar since then has been filled with tour dates dotted all over the world. So, to start the New Year in the right way, the band have made their way across the Atlantic to embark on a headline tour across the UK, and we made a stop on the Glasgow date of the run.

First up on the bill are fresh faced Remind Me Of Home [7], who are an unexpected addition to the bill, but a very pleasant surprise. The young group from Airdrie play through a small collection of songs from their ‘Bloodless’ EP, and, despite being very early doors, they carry a melodic, pop-rock tonality, and seem to be enjoying themselves on what is a great opportunity for the band.

A slight break from the all-guns-blazing gain-filled rock songs ensues as up steps Chester based singer/songwriter, Lizzy Farrall [8]. She plays through all 5 songs on her recently released EP, ‘All I Said Was Never Heard’. Farrall opens with ‘Hollow Friends’, and there’s a slight moment where the emotion of the song becomes a bit too much for the singer. Yet, this only brings the crowd more on to her side as she proceeds to glide captivatingly throughout the rest of her set, delivery a completely superb vocal performance with charm and vigour. A breath of fresh air to the scene and to this line-up, Farrall is definitely one to watch.

We have a homecoming for Scottish boys Woes [8], who set up to the stage in an energetic fashion as they encourage the crowd to “fucking rage.” The band recently signed with Australian label UNFD, and they’re certainly a lively bunch, jumping back and forth across the stage as they play through their self-titled EP, along with new songs ‘Losing Time’ and ‘Real World’. The group also have a great gimmick of covering a famous rock song at each show they play, with this tour’s choice being Papa Roach‘s hit ‘Last Resort’, which is an invitation for the crowd to go a bit wild. It’s clear the Glasgow crowd love the band as one of their own, and Woes absolutely treasure this type of show too.

Finally, Seaway [9] smash onto the stage, and the crowd bursts forward in this tiny venue. Opener ‘Best Mistake’ is a great start to their set, and it’s clear after only a few tracks that even the band are impressed at the relentlessness of this typically lively Glaswegian crowd. The bangers keep coming thick and fast as the Canadian outfit waltz through a variety of tracks taken from their latest release ‘Vacation’, like ‘Curse Me Out’, recent single ‘London’, and bouncy belter, ‘Lula On The Beach’. The time flies by as the band rip through their set at a high tempo with charisma, and a quality in performance that mirrors the energy produced on their records. As with any band, the floor will go crazy when you play old hits, and Seaway hear the cries and deliver the goods. The ever-popular pop-punk anthem ‘Shy Guys’ sets this tiny venue into a pit of hysteria, and the crowd scream back the line “Don’t you go crying now” at the top of their collective lungs.

Soon after, we reach the end of their set with another seaboiz classic in ‘Sabrina The Teenage Bitch’, a track which is now nearly 6 years old, yet still just as emphatically received tonight. Seaway are masters of the small, sweaty punk rock shows, and tonight is no exception. They’re a staple live band who consistently deliver a high-quality performance of their pop-punk bangers, and, just as importantly, have a blast while doing so.

Written by Dylan Tuck (@dylankightuck)