LIVE REVIEW: The Amity Affliction @ Electric Ballroom, London (04/10/2018)

Credit: Promo

Date: October 4th 2018
Venue: Electric Ballroom, London
Support: Endless Heights / Dream State / The Plot In You


It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then there’s a tour line-up that just makes you go “Whoa, that’s a strong line-up.” On their latest headline run, Queensland metalcore outfit The Amity Affliction are bringing along fellow Aussies Endless Heights, Welsh upstarts Dream State, and Ohio’s The Plot In You in a line-up that pushes boundaries and stretches continents.

Sydney’s Endless Heights [6] have the job of opening up tonight, but thankfully there’s a flock of early birds descending onto the Electric Ballroom’s floor for them to try to win over. There’s a haunting, ethereal quality to their music, showcased to perfection on single ‘Come A Little Closer’.

Vocalist Joel Martorana isn’t quite on form, sounding like he may have had one too many late nights, but it doesn’t impact Jem Siow and Christian Hrdina‘s hypnotic guitar tones on the likes of ‘Pray I Fade’ and slow burner, ‘Paralyse’. Not their best performance, but the music speaks for itself, and hey, we all have off days.

The usually brilliant Dream State [7] seem to be struggling a little bit too, perhaps due to the absence of bassist Danny Reyer, as well as some sound difficulties in the beginning, but that won’t stop pint-sized frontwoman CJ Gilpin from giving it her all.

Looking almost like she’s turning a skipping rope as she leaps about the stage, her scream sounds as brutal as ever during killer opener ‘New Waves’ and latest single, ‘In This Hell’. Always a good watch, there’s never a lack of energy or excitement at a Dream State show, and things hit fever pitch when Gilpin dives into the crowd during a climactic rendition of ‘White Lies’.

Another excellent vocalist is Landon Tewers of The Plot In You [7], who receive the warmest response yet from the now packed venue. His skills shine on spine-chilling opener ‘Rigged’, which transcends from swooning melody to an utterly brutal breakdown. Elsewhere, there’s killer riffs on the likes of ‘One Last Time’ and ‘Disposable Fix’, and it’s honestly a wonder this band aren’t bigger than they are.

It’s a setlist that’s almost identical to the last time that the band played in the UK, so there are no surprises for fans, though when it consists entirely of material this good that’s not such a bad thing.

By the time that The Amity Affliction [8] take the stage, the crowd have been well and truly pumped up by the supports, and ‘Drag The Lake’, with its enormous chorus, is a perfect way to let off some steam. Syrupy cleans from Ahren Stringer run alongside Joel Birch‘s cathartic screams, and it’s easy to tell apart older tracks like ‘I Bring The Weather With Me’ and ‘Chasing Ghosts’ from their new material, with the latter’s poppy sensibilities proving to be stand-outs live.

The metalcore heavyweights have recently gone in a direction reminiscent of Bring Me The Horizon‘s ‘That’s The Spirit’, and if tonight is anything to go by, it’s absolutely working for them. Both ‘D.I.E.’ and ‘Kick Rocks’ instigates a defiant sing-along, whilst the synths on ‘Feels Like I’m Dying’ bring an atmosphere that feels like it could easily be at home being played after 11pm in this venue at one of its infamous club nights.

Things slow down a little with an acoustic rendition of ‘All Fucked Up’, and fan favourite ‘Open Letter’ clearly strikes a chord with the audience too. Whilst their latest album ‘Misery’ has received mixed critical reception, it doesn’t seem to be bothering their fans, or the band for that matter. They clearly still know their way around a huge hook, and are producing some of the punchiest of their career, as shown on ‘Ivy (Doomsday)’ and encore ‘Holier Than Heaven’. Don’t believe the criticism. They’re going to be just fine.