LIVE REVIEW: PVRIS @ Gorilla, Manchester (19/02/2020)

Credit: Promo

Date: February 19th 2020
Venue: Gorilla, Manchester
Support: Joywave
Website: www.pvris.comk


It doesn’t seem all that long ago when PVRIS exploded onto the scene with their 2014 debut album, ‘White Noise’, but six years later the trio have managed to amass an almost cult-like following with their fans.

This intimate UK run is all about those dedicated followers, seeing the Massachusetts outfit play in rooms half the size of what they could fill on these shores, offering a moment to get close and intimate before their eagerly-awaited third LP finally rears its head.

Taking support duties on their own are Joywave [7], who deliver some chirpy indie-pop/electro-pop to get toes tapping and booties shaking nice and early. Charismatic frontman Daniel Armbruster is sporting a ‘tache much better than the one Justin Bieber has at the moment, and his witty interaction with the crowd between the likes of ‘Blastoffff’ is almost as entertaining as the tunes themselves.

At one point he tells a tale of when they were last in Manchester, when they apparently played underneath a pie shop, some members of New Order showed up, and he was intermittently throwing up. Thankfully none of that happens today, with the room beaming with smiles and bobbing their heads to their infectious numbers that are like Hot Chip meets Head Automatica. Also, if you don’t have ‘Tongues’ looping in your head after hearing it then who the hell are you?

The smoke machines on-stage are working overtime whilst we’re waiting for PVRIS [7] to show up, and sure enough they finally emerge from the shroud and leap right into one of their biggest hits to day, ‘What’s Wrong’, and unsurprisingly the legion of fans stood before them sing along to every word.

Indeed, the remainder of the evening is a stroll through the band’s greatest hits thus far, and they knock out some of the bigger tracks in their back catalogue early on. Breakthrough number ‘St. Patrick’ manages to get an airing just a few minutes into the set, the contagious ‘Half’ follows up (closing with vocalist Lynn Gunn bashing a floor tom alongside their current touring drummer), and the frustrated ‘Heaven’ comes not long after.

A fan tosses a rainbow flag onto the stage a few songs in, which Gunn drapes atop her microphone stand for the majority of the set, and reminds the crowd that everyone is welcome at a PVRIS show “so long as you’re not an asshole.”

There are a few moments where it feels like Gunn is a little restrained and unsure of herself, and not quite hitting some notes here and there, but there are other moments where she manages to shine bright and strong, such as during ‘You And I’, where she encourages everyone in the room to keep their phones away as an experiment just for one song, and to be present in the moment and with them. It’s in these moments where PVRIS as a whole truly show their potential.

As we come to the encore, Gunn jumps into the midst of the crowd for ‘Death Of Me’, singing along with the band’s adoring fans as they enclose around her to get as close to their idol as possible, and in the explosive ‘My House’ she manages to clamber back on stage, and bow out with the crowning moment of the night.

This show, and indeed the entirety of this tour, seems like a reward and a treat for their most beloved and dedicated fans for their years of admiration and support. It also seems like a warming up before PVRIS begin delving into another album cycle, and if both of these purposes are true then the three-piece have certainly delivered.