LIVE REVIEW: Movements @ Rebellion, Manchester (05/05/2018)

Credit: Kurt Cuffy

Date: May 5th 2018
Venue: Rebellion, Manchester
Support: Muskets / Pærish


Both fans of the band and of the genre as a whole have really felt something with the release of ‘Feel Something’, the debut full-length from Californian alternative rockers, Movements. Climbing to notable ranks across the Billboard charts, Movements have been making solid movements, with the most recent being a UK tour as their first headline stint overseas.

Brighton newcomers Muskets [7] have a somewhat grunge revivalist flair about them, and the Nirvana influences are pretty obvious from the get go, sounding like a more gruff early era Basement. The band cut through a handful of cuts from their debut ‘Chew’, and though far from flawless in their set, it’s their imperfections that add character to the band.

Things get sharpened up and smoothed out a little more come the appearance of Pærish [7] to the stage. Songs like ‘Winona Ryder’ and ‘Party’s Over, Biff’ have some subtle pockets of Sunny Day Real Estate and The Get Up Kids ebbing and weaving throughout them, and even with the crowd asking them to say some mid-set chit chat in their native French language, this doesn’t halt the more emotional turns in the tide of the evening.

Soon after Movements [9] make a move, and emerge onstage jumping right into their debut album opener, ‘Full Circle’. Frontman Patrick Miranda eggs the crowd to get involved, and from here on out the room is roused until the set’s end.

Older cuts ‘Kept’ and ‘Hatchet’ rear their heads a little later in the evening, summoning plenty of fans to crowd surf to the stage, and it’s hard to not be submitted to the emotion driving further full-length cuts like ‘Deep Red’ and the Alzheimers awareness number ‘Deadly Dull’. Indeed, the evening also overcomes Patrick, who on several occassions extends his thanks and appreciation that the band can be here, doing what they love in a different country for the first time in their careers.

A lot of bands reel off the same kind of spiel when they tour overseas, but the difference is that, unlike most, there’s a cutting sincerity in Patrick‘s words and his delivery. The tear-jerking ‘Daylily’ caps the evening off, and with it Movements continue to prove why they’re one of the most promising bands in their genre today.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)