LIVE REVIEW: Homebound @ The Garage Attic, Glasgow (02/09/2018)

Credit: Promo

Date: September 2nd 2018
Venue: The Garage Attic, Glasgow
Support: Deadbeat Paradise / Savage Dink / Modern Error
Website: None available


After releasing their third EP ‘More To Me Than Misery’ last month, Farnham’s Homebound gear up to take their energised pop-punk on the road. After a string of support slots over the last few years, 2018 sees the band step-up into the limelight as they embark across their first ever headline tour.

The room is filling up surprisingly nicely at Glasgow’s The Garage Attic as locals Deadbeat Paradise [6] get ready to dish out some pumped up pop-punk to some of their pals that’ve ventured into the venue. Their sound is straight out of the early era Neck Deep book of venting, charged pop-punk, yet, with some brave energy. They do themselves proud.

Another bunch of locals in Savage Dink [6] are up next and, like their predecessors, have brought a fair few friends along for the ride. With a sound that blends influences from both pop-punk, soaring skate punk, and, at one comical point, a ska-style trumpet solo, the group offer up a fun set, if not one that’s a bit too eccentric for some.

After they finish up, the room suddenly seems to disperse as half of the crowd who had clearly only came to give support to their friends head straight for the exit.

Not only is this a bit of shitty move, they also miss out on one hell of performance from melodic hardcore up-and-comers, Modern Error [7]. Unfortunately, as soon as they get going, there’s no working microphone for frontman Zak Pinchin for their set opener, much to the band’s and crowd’s annoyance. Thankfully, once the miracle-working soundcheck man gets things up and running again, Pinchin‘s bruising screams turn out to be well worth the wait. Modern Error smash through a fiery, screeching set to leave a really pleasant feeling around the room. It’s just a massive shame the crowd is so depleted at this point.

The crowd doesn’t grow much as the evening’s headliners Homebound [8] step on board the floor-level stage either, and, while they may be slightly disappointed with such a small turn-out, they certainly don’t let it halt their flow.

Bursting in with the emphatic one-two starter of ‘Change Of Heart’ and ‘Broken Reverie’, there’s a miniscule amount of energy in the room bar the five-piece’s confident, charged performance. Frontman Charlie Boughton‘s vocals are sickly sweet on slightly older cuts like ‘Bound To Be’, ‘Pensive’, and ‘Sonder’, while newer cuts like ‘Yours Truly’ and the lung-bursting screams on single ‘Coming Clean’ show off his grittier and darker style.

The band are thoroughly solid entertainers, hardly missing a note, and besides the minimal crowd engagement, deliver a professional, driving and (thankfully) fault-free set.

As it ends on arguably the band’s biggest hit, ‘Headspace’, Homebound whole-heartedly thank the crowd for their support and sticking around before bowing out behind the make-shift side stage curtain. The Surrey boys can feel immensely proud of their first headline tour so far, with a great selection of tracks delivered supremely shows the makings of a band who are only going to get bigger. Maybe next time they’ll get the bigger crowd that they deserve too.