LIVE REVIEW: Creed Bratton @ Gorilla, Manchester (23/09/2019)

Credit: Promo

Date: September 23rd, 2019
Venue: Gorilla, Manchester
Support: Poetman


It’s been over six years since the American series of The Office aired its tearjerking finale, and fans still aren’t quite over it. Its cast have since moved on, and Creed Batton, the show’s most bizarre character, has returned to a life of music.

Combining both his obscure comedy and folk rock tunes into one, he’s decided to head on over to the UK to showcase his craft ahead of dropping his yet-to-be-announced eighth album.

Poetman [6] (aka Will Horspool) is set the task of warming up the crowd tonight and, as you might have guessed by his stage name alone, he delivers a number of poems to the increasingly packed out room, and at one point even throws a handful of chocolates out to people who correctly guess the second half of a rhyming couplet.

It’s not quite just poems, though. With some effects and a loop peddle, he takes a stab at being a mumble rapper and later a grime artist with some quick songs, providing melody to his prose. A quirky yet, in this setting, suitable opening act.

Though better known for his comedy and playing the The Office character of the same name, Creed Bratton [7] has (for much longer too) been a musician and singer/songwriter, and he blends these two arts of entertainment together this evening. That’s right. He has two crafts… only one to go.

Keeping it in key with the British audience before him, we get our first dose of his folk stylings with ‘Bubble And Squeak’, and this pretty much sets the tone for the music portions of the evening. ‘Temptation Eyes’ is another highlight, and despite its stripped back delivery, ‘Rubber Tree’ still manages to get people dancing, though there’s no cartwheel to be seen from Bratton.

Though it’s obvious that it’s mainly The Office fans that are here tonight, Bratton doesn’t settle for the all too easy route (something he mentions himself) of reeling off his quotes from the show, but that doesn’t mean that there’s not something for them here. He invites one fan to hold the lyric sheet for the show’s theme (who he later kicks off the stage for being completely inept and replaces with someone else), to which everyone sings along, and we do end up with a live reciting of his character’s quote of past sexual freedom; “In the 60s I made love to many, many women – often outdoors in the mud and the rain – and it’s possible a man slipped in. There’d be no way of knowing.”

With an evening filled with giggles, Bratton delivers one final moment of reflection and heart-tugging before taking off, and explains the heart-felt story of The Office‘s impending finale and his song that they chose to see it out, ‘All The Faces’. Any fan of the show will know its impact and the last moments it accompanies are hard to take (that’s what she said), and with it we’re assured if we weren’t already that not only is Bratton a talented comedian, but a talented songwriter too.

His days in The Office may be behind him, but any fan of his appearance on the show or with folk music at all will find there’s much more to take and enjoy from Creed Bratton than his looking after of Dunder Mifflin’s quabity ashuance… sorry, that’s quality assurance.