LIVE REVIEW: Creature @ The Old Blue Last, London (03/11/2019)

Credit: Promo

Date: November 3rd, 2019
Venue: The Old Blue Last, London
Support: Casket Feeder / Jumpman


Birmingham newcomers Creature only formed this year, but it seems that they’ve hit the ground running, and then some.

With two EPs to their name already, including the smack to the face that was ‘Hound’ released just a couple of weeks ago, they’ve already garnered rave reviews and been compared to the likes of Converge, Every Time I Die, and Kvelertak.

Still, those comparisons only scratch the surface as to how much is going on. As it’s a Sunday evening, and it’s Creature‘s first ever UK headline tour, the attendance is definitely on the sparse side of things. Yet, with both themselves and Casket Feeder on the bill, it was always promising to be an enjoyable evening.

Kicking things off are self-styled Nintendocore outfit Jumpman [5], consisting of two guitarists. Their material is musically solid enough, switching between metalcore riffing and some decent breakdowns. There’s also clear technical proficiency on show, and the immediate-sounding ‘Assimilation’ is a highlight.

Unfortunately, there’s far too much low-end in the mix for the synth lines to be heard loud and clear, which leads to the biggest bugbear: the bass, drums, and the all-important Nintendo synths are played over the PA as backing tracks. Doing this simply creates a slightly awkward vibe, as opposed to having other members playing them. You can only hope that a precedent won’t be set for such heavy reliance on backing tracks in a so-called ‘alternative’ music scene. Just find some extra members, guys.

Next up are a band who’ve garnered plenty of attention of their own, Casket Feeder [7]. Combining haphazard death metal with punishing hardcore influences, and their breakdowns being particularly crushing, they waste no time in making one hell of a racket. If you’re into bands like Venom Prison, this lot are ones to keep your eyes on for sure. An air of urgency is maintained throughout the set, and they’ve got lots of potential to grow into an even bigger proposition next year.

As alluded to earlier, tonight’s crowd is certainly on the small side, but that’s not stopping Creature [8] putting on a show, and the unhinged nature of their EPs is certainly translated into a live setting. The band get straight down to business with ‘Cold Man’s World’; guitarist/vocalist James Thompson throughout the set proves to translate his frenetic howls into a live setting too. Drummer Tom Bradshaw and bassist Dan Willett also come together to bring an instantaneous groove, which is particularly impressive for a band in the early stages of their career.

As well as this, the band also provide some segues to peak some interest, and, even though ‘Hound’ was released not too long ago, at least two new songs are aired, both of which sound incredibly promising. The potential of the even fresher material, and the fact that they’re putting a number of unreleased songs in the set means that Creature certainly aren’t spearing ahead half-heartedly. It’s a statement of intent, for sure.

After another segue, the hell-for-leather ‘Fool’s Curse’ turns the energy levels up to 10, with ‘Black Dog’ serving as another highlight, which features the band’s melodic prowess cutting through. And they just keep on delivering the goods, with ‘Liquid Gold’ and ‘Lifeless’ providing even more chunky riffing and chaos to close things out.

If Creature play to this level of intensity in a small room, just imagine what they could conjure up on a bigger stage, which is no doubt where they deserve to be in the not so distant future.