LIVE REVIEW: Attila @ Club Academy, Manchester (22/10/2018)

Credit: Promo

Date: October 22nd 2018
Venue: Club Academy, Manchester
Support: The Browning / Eskimo Callboy


There’s a lot of people out there who love Attila, and also a lot of people who hate them too. Regardless of your stance, what cannot be disputed is the band’s resilience, persistence to rise to the top, and – something else that has helped them not only survive but thrive – their business acumen.

Even with their obnoxious lyrical content and messages, and their brash take on metalcore, the band have quite contently and comfortably made this into a living, and all still whilst stepping away from labels and going independent earlier this year. Now, Attila are continuing on with their plans of domination on their own terms in the UK.

Missouri’s The Browning [3] are enlisted with the task of opening up on this stint, and here in Manchester there’s plenty that are lapping up their electronicore offerings. There are moments of potential; ‘Geist’ definitely sound like a step into more palatable and easier to digest territory, and parts of ‘Bloodlust’ hit hard, but for the most part everything is pretty much trash.

‘Dragon’ is something that even Abandon All Ships would scoff at, Cascada throwing up all over Wage War would result in ‘Carnage’, and if you wanted to know if Attack Attack! had any unused b-sides lying around, look no further than ‘Pure Evil’. If’s not even that EDM and metalcore can’t go together, because they most definitely can, but The Browning‘s meshing of the two is awkward and leaves us drowning in regurgitated MySpace era disappointment.

Eskimo Callboy [5] take a similar approach, but thankfully their injections of electronica sound less disjointed and out of place. Well, at least for the most part anyway. The six of them look a little bit cramped and restrained on the Club Academy stage, but they still manage to take control of the crowd and encourage plenty of movement from the obvious bounty of fans that have turned up.

At one point, vocalists Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler and Kevin Ratajczak invite a couple of their hardcore fans on stage, Ben and Marissa, who just so happen to propose (here’s some video footage).

It’s a touching moment before the band pounce into ‘Best Day’, but that isn’t quite enough to shake off that this along with other set moments, ‘The Devil Within’ and ‘Shallows’, are just all too one-dimensional.

Party boys Attila [8] come out and dive right into ‘Three 6’, easily one of the heaviest songs in their arsenal and, love ’em or not, it’s hard to not jump around and bang your head along to the breakdowns delivered in this and later songs ‘Proving Grounds’ and ‘Callout’, and thankfully the catchy-as-fuck ‘Bulletproof’ makes an appearance too.

Frontman Fronz‘s vocals certainly seem stronger and more consistent since the band’s last visit over to UK shores, and his boisterous and care-free behaviours and mid-song chatter is almost worth the ticket alone. He tells that he has a bit of a fucked mind and lives in his own fantasy world, and with that suggests the water bottles given to fans in the front rows to stop from dehydrating should be filled with whiskey instead.

At another point, he invites a fan onstage to drink a shot of whiskey with him before asking him to do his best scream, eventually rating his efforts as a 5/10 before sending him on his merry way and beginning ‘Party With The Devil’.

As the set continues, ‘Moshpit’ makes an appearance, waving the banner for fans to do exactly what the song says on the tin, and they oblige and comply happily. Encore ‘Pizza’ makes for a fun finale, and when it comes to the song’s drop, Fronz splits the room in two for a wall of death; one side being those who put pineapple on their pizza, and the other being those who don’t.

Essentially, if you’re taking Attila too seriously then your mindset is the problem. These guys are the fun party band of metalcore, and tonight’s party was all the rage.