LIVE: Pure Love @ The Deaf Institute, Manchester (11/04/2013)

Date: April 11th, 2013
Venue: The Deaf Institute, Manchester
Support: Bloody Knees


After releasing their debut album ‘Anthems’ earlier this year, the latest UK tour for Pure Love could be their craziest and most successful yet. The fact that the band only formed in early 2011 doesn’t affect their ability to thrive in their early triumphs, with their latest album featuring singles ‘Bury My Bones’ and ‘Handsome Devils Club’.

Openers Bloody Knees (***) are fresh faces upon this music scene, not seeming overly pleased about gracing the stage. Their songs immediately beckon the hall without an introduction. Brad‘s vocals are raw and blend well with the buzzing sound created by the guitars. This band have a clear deep influence with The Misfits, with a tone of The Strokes also. With the songs showing as much individuality as they could, the crowd are appreciative of this newly formed band, yet clearly more concerned with the buzz of activity coming from the camera crew surrounding them.

The bar is lined with cans of Relentless Energy Drink and a large video camera sweeps over the small squashed crowd, as free cans are quickly passed around for the fans. The feeling in the room was clear that this isn’t going to be a typical performance from Pure Love (*****), but since this band decided to offer their concert tickets for free tonight, everyone appeared to be in great spirits. As soon as frontman Frank Carter leaps onto the stage, it’s obvious his usual mischievous behaviour onstage was fueled even more tonight when being filmed by several cameras for an advert, and a possible new music video in the midst.

As expected, Pure Love barely remain on the stage, opening up with ‘She’. The audience become immediately glued to Frank in the crowd, joined occasionally by guitarist Jim Carroll floating effortlessly amongst a sea of fans whilst perfectly executing his melodic riffs. Throughout the band’s set, those in attendence witnessed something you wouldn’t find at most gigs; Frank being crowdsurfed around the room, fans and band members running across the bar, Frank sitting on the drummer’s shoulders whilst they play ‘Riot Song’, with the drum kit sitting right in the middle of the floor.

Despite the constant cameras scanning the area, there’s no sense of rehearsal in this performance, only a strong feeling of enthusiasm which Pure Love seem to feed off as they sank into the end of their performance. Frank Carter even dedicated their last song for the evening, ‘Burning Love’, to his wife, declaring his love for her and, soon enough, encouraging audience members to make out with one another.

After all this activity, the crowd and myself included are exhausted. With a quick cheeky smile, the band bounce off the stage and vanish, leaving fans overwhelmed for such surreal experience, all free of charge.

Written by Zoë Fairclough