LIVE: Periphery @ The Waterfront, Norwich (17/11/2015)

Date: November 17th 2015
Venue: The Waterfront, Norwich
Support: Veil Of Maya / Good Tiger


Easing us into a night of state-of-the-art brutality are progressive newbies Good Tiger (***), whose super-group status (featuring ex-members of TesseracT, The Safety Fire, The Faceless et al) shines through with an assured display, their sublime instrumental sprawl underpinning the Freddy Mercy-esque theatrics of frontman, Elliot Coleman.

Veil Of Maya (****) are much more violent proposition, taking to the stage in a blizzard of rampaging rhythmic clout and angular aggression. Staple crowd pleasers such as ‘It’s Not Safe To Swim Today’ are greeted rapturously, yet it is material from this years ‘Matriarch’ which impresses most, the colossal vocal hooks of their set highlight quartet ‘Mikasa’, ‘Aeris’, ‘Ellie’ and ‘Three-Fifty’ balancing arms-aloft melodies with their ruthless deathcore bluster (not too mention showcasing the exquisite pipes of vocalist Lukas Magyar).

Received with a heroes welcome, Periphery (*****) proceed to etch in stone why they are perhaps the most exciting prospect in modern heaviousity. Cuts from their rather extraordinary double album ‘Juggernaut’ provide a sustained barrage of metallic delights, whether it is the thudding polyrhythmic grooves of ‘The Bad Thing’, the menacing tech-storm of ’22 Faces’ or ‘Alpha’‘s heart stopping chorus refrain, although more time-honoured airings such as ‘Make Total Destroy’ and ‘Icarus Lives!’ more than hit their mark. Indeed, the performance earmarks the pristine yin and yang which Periphery execute with such implausible aplomb, between the thunderous eight string assault/beard scratching complexity and gleaming progressive arrangements/huge melodies which keep them pushing metal further than anyone else in the game.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)