LIVE: Parkway Drive @ Academy 1, Manchester (15/11/2012)

Date: November 15th, 2012
Venue: Academy 1, Manchester
Support: Structures / The Word Alive / Emmure


Aussie metalcore monsters Parkway Drive are literally on the otherside of the world, touring the UK in promotion of their latest record, ‘Atlas’. Bringing along support from other sides of the ocean, it truly is a line-up consisting of some up-and-coming imports who are set to show the British crowds just what they’re made of.

Though all of the members are aged as young as 19-20, Canadians Structures (**) produce metalcore/hardcore more technical than some acts who are twice their age. Sadly, however, for the most part due to the poor sound, everything seems to mangle together in the mix and sound overly heavy, drowning one another out. In terms on stage presence, the young outfit certainley cut above a lot of their older counterparts, but due to sheer bad luck they simply don’t bring out their full potential.

Following up, The Word Alive (***) have been to the UK a handful of times previously, but never to the same sized stages as they’re on currently. Thankfully, the Arizona grown post-hardcore troupe seem to be more than comfortable in their surroundings, bringing breakdown after breakdown to the Mancunian crowds. Telle Smith‘s vocals screams and roars sound strong and sturdy, and his cleans crispy and clear along with the sharp guitar lines of ‘Entirety’ and ‘Dragon Spell’. Their call to arms closer ‘Life Cycles’ brings the biggest reaction though, which sees Telle screaming the chorus solo in their final seconds.

Nearly at the 1000 shows strong mark, it’s safe to say that Emmure (***) are more than experienced when it comes to handling a crowd. Coming out in his almost trademark windbreaker, frontman Frankie Palmeri‘s screams and low grunts are strong and almost perfect from start to finish for their set. ‘Solar Flare Homicide’ and ‘Protoman’ whip up some strong pits in the crowd and, ultimately, get the crowd pumped and raring to go for the evening’s headliners.

Indeed, minutes after Parkway Drive (*****) take to the stage, things escalate to a whole different level. Pits open up immediately from set opener ‘Sparks’ right through songs such as ‘Swing’ and ‘Sleepwalker’. The projecter sending different images throughout the set adds a nice little change to your usual concert, displaying images of different environment shots during ‘Dark Days’ (much like the music video). The constant football chants praising the band are clear signs of a true dedicated fanbase, along with the mimicing of the guitar line for ‘Idols And Anchors’ which is truly empowering.

It’s ‘Boneyards’ and set closer ‘Carrion’ however that prove to be the highlights of the band’s set. The former of the two creates the biggest circle pit of the night, almost swallowing up the entire room in a matter of a few short seconds. The moment the projector screen spells out ‘Carrion’ however, things go into overdrive. The whole crowd screams back the words, almost drowning out the entire band and closes things off superbly.

Written by Zach Redrup