LIVE: Parkway Drive @ Academy 1, Manchester (10/04/2012)

Date: April 10th, 2012
Venue: Academy 1, Manchester
Support: Confession / Miss May I / The Ghost Inside


Whenver Australian powerhouse Parkway Drive come on over the UK, it’s a pretty big deal and definitely a tour (regardless of the line-up) that will stand as a strong contender for the best the country will see all year long. Their latest headline stint over here is no different, and with a new album on its way at some point this year, the hype is at a pretty strong high.

Opening act Confessions (***) may not be the most well known act on the line-up, but they still pack a pretty hefty punch in their brand of metalcore. Michael Crafter‘s vocals are still as incredible as they were back in his I Killed The Prom Queen days, and songs like ‘The Long Way Home’ will surely bring in some new fans.

Miss May I (***) receive a great reception, and the American metalheads blast through the likes of ‘Our Kings’ and new album taster ‘Hey Mister’ with fantastic precision, with the drum work of Jerod Boyd being particularly notable in the latter of the two. Levi Benton‘s screams sound more animalistic in a live setting than they do on record, and the huge fist pumps and chants he encourages from the crowd for set closer ‘Masses Of A Dying Breed’ is a sure sign that great things are just beginning for this Ohio quintet.

However, The Ghost Inside (****) kick up crowd chants and choruses to a whole new level, with no moment more supportive of this than the ever popular “What do you stand for?” in ‘Between The Lines’. This isn’t the only moment however, returning several times like the resonating singbacks of “I’ll see you when the sun sets” of ‘Faith Or Forgiveness’. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking TGI were the night’s headliners. Johnathan Vigil as a hell of a voice, and together (clearly), The Ghost Inside know how to get a crowd moving.

It’s more than obvious however that as soon as Parkway Drive (*****) emerge onstage that the crown of the evening’s best band rests safely atop of their heads. Winston McCall and co are masters in their craft, and the Aussie boys are easily one of – if not the best metal export Australia. has to offer. The circle pit that opens up through ‘Boneyards’ is unreal, expanding to almost the whole width of the Academy venue. The crazy thing is, the almost crazy levels of love delivered to the band tonight doesn’t end there: the whole room singing back the main riff to ‘Idols And Anchors’, the insane amount of crowd surfers throughout ‘Carrion’ and almost every person in the room screaming back “So cry me a fucking river, bitch” to ‘Romance Is Dead’ just reaffirms that this could already be the best tour the UK sees throughout 2012. If you didn’t catch a single date of it, you best have had a decent excuse.

Written by Zach Redrup