LIVE: Palm Reader @ The Old Blue Last, London (13/05/2013)

Date: May 13th, 2013
Venue: The Old Blue Last, London
Support: The Orchard / Let’s Talk Daggers / Black Shapes
Website: None available


Woking’s Palm Reader are currently in the transition of going from underground favorites into Britain’s rising hardcore heroes. Tonight, they celebrate the release of their debut full-length album, ‘Bad Weather’, ironically on a sunny monday afternoon in North London.

The crowd make their way upstairs after a few warm up pints, the free entry has attracted a few people who may not know what to expect. Opening act The Orchard (***) let them know exactly what’s going on. Their balance of aggression and accessibility produces memorable songs. Whilst you can hear influences of other UK hardcore bands, they still sound original and promising.

If you mix Pulled Apart By Horses with The Dillinger Escape Plan and then inject some Red Bull directly into their bloodstream, you’d be pretty close to creating Let’s Talk Daggers (****). They mix things up with their insane and frantic performance of indie influenced hardcore. New offering ‘I Love You Dad But I’m Mental’ is easily their best song of the set with a crushing riff in the middle of it. It’s always good to see a supporting band set the bar so high.

Unfortunately, Black Shapes (**) find it hard to follow. Their crusty and doom-y hardcore doesn’t quite live up to the chaos that has already ensued before them. Bar two songs, their tracks blur together and their stage antics don’t give very much excitement.

The main men of the evening take to the stage. Palm Reader (*****) kick off a brilliant set with album opener, ‘Unwanted Guest’. It’s great to see a fair few people already singing along to an album that’s only been out for a week. The band notice this and deliver one of their sharpest sets yet. They seem to have a humbleness about them in-between songs, but every time they kick into a track off of ‘Bad Weather’ they’re both confident and poised.

New tracks like ‘Spineless’ and ‘Smack Hound’ are beautifully vicious whilst older tunes like ‘War Between The Head And The Heart’ still hold up well against their new material. Despite a few technical difficulties, the band rip few their set in no time. No one can believe it when they announce that the next song will be their last of the evening. Singer Josh Mckeown and bassist Josh Redrup leave the stage for the amazing ‘Seeing & Beliving Are Two Different Things’. They don’t hold back, you can tell every once of energy and emotion they have left in them goes into this last song. Like all good acts, they leave you wanting just a bit more.

Tonight, Palm Reader celebrated the release of ‘Bad Weather’, and tonight the British music scene should celebrate the fact that Palm Reader exist.

Written by Jack King