LIVE REVIEW: New Found Glory @ The Tramshed, Cardiff (20/09/2017)

Date: September 20th 2017
Venue: The Tramshed, Cardiff
Support: ROAM


The last time that New Found Glory graced the shores of the UK wasn’t all that long ago. They were a part of potentially the biggest UK tour that the pop-punk scene has had in a while back in January as main support on the A Day To Remember tour alongside both Moose Blood and Neck Deep. Their short but sweet set left people wanting more, and now, that’s exactly what they have; a 20th anniversary tour playing two albums a night spanning the length of the UK.

Tonight, the band are playing their much loved second album ‘Sticks And Stones’ and their less successful, yet just as catchy ‘Not Without A Fight’. But, first, ROAM take to the stage.

As soon as ROAM [6] appear, it’s clear that they belong on a stage of this size. Unfortunately, though, their fan base isn’t there just yet, and they’re certainly not here tonight. As hard as the band try to evoke some form of participation or movement, all that they’re met with is a crowd of nodding heads and one die-hard fan going crazy.

It might have been a demoralising sight for the band, and it’s quite clear from the outset that this was perhaps not the right landscape for ROAM to showcase their ability. However, being on tour with New Found Glory is going to do wonders for them.

After ROAM leave the stage the room starts to fill out a bit more, the excitement starts to build, and the room gets a little more humid. As the lights darken and a cheesy anniversary jingle comes over the stereo, it’s clear that tonight is meant to be a celebration, so it’s no surprise that as soon as New Found Glory [9] walk on stage and open with ‘Understatement’, the party truly starts.

Frontman Jordan Pundik and co. parade around the stage, playing songs with so much enthusiasm that you’d swear that tonight was the first time they’ve ever played these songs live. There’s a vibrancy that make them feel fresh revamped even 17 years down the line. The band look to be having more fun playing the cuts which they rarely get a chance to play live, such as ’47’ and ‘Tangled Up’, both from ‘Not Without A Fight’, but there’s no surprises that the numbers from ‘Sticks And Stones’ get a bigger crowd reaction and more participation. They even throw in ‘Happy Being Miserable’ off of their new record ‘Makes Me Sick’ into the mix, which gets a great reaction.

The best thing about tonight is how much fun the band are obviously having. It’s infectious, and it’s reflected in tonight’s crowd. It’s incredible that after 20 years of being together as a band, New Found Glory can walk on stage and just leave everything on there. They give their everything, and the crowd are well aware of that. It’s a long show, around two hours to be precise, but the band most definitely save the best for last. ‘My Friends Over You’ has been used to close pretty much every single show that the band have ever played all around the world, and it never gets old. Cue the biggest mosh pit of the night and a couple of crowd surfers.

Let’s hope that a decade from now we’ve got a 30-year anniversary tour to look forward to.

Written by Jacob Eynon (@itsjustjake93)