LIVE: Municipal Waste @ Academy 3, Manchester (05/12/2010)

Date: December 5th, 2010
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Support: Ramming Speed, Saviours


Manchester had landed on the luck of being the first city to get Municipal Waste and crew beginning their UK tour, kicking off possibly one of the most insane tours to come to England in December, and enlisting thrash metal in a plentiful dose to close the year in an insane style.

Opening this tour is Ramming Speed (****), not getting many people in for their set however those who did attend went insane, with mosh pits from the first song put this gig straight into go. Their mix of thrash metal, grindcore and pure speed went down well with the crowd, with lots of head banging and lots and lots of hair flying about, it was definitely enjoyed by all the crowd and the band too.

Trying to catch up was Saviours (***), much slower than the last band (which isn’t really that much of a surprise), this doomy stoner metal band through down plenty of riffs and energy into their set to get most people head banging and horn throwing, however after the previous onslaught there was only one mosh pit to the last song at the band’s request. This was a pleasant change of pace between two incredibly fast thrash bands, giving everyone the rest they probably needed.

Now throwing us fully back into some thrash and speed, Municipal Waste (****) took to the stage getting straight into playing some ridiculously fast thrash metal. With the crowd instantly breaking into mosh pits, crowd surfing and even diving off the speakers, the entire crowd turned into absolute carnage. Part way through the set they got all the girls in the audience on stage for ‘Boner City’, in the attempts to get an all-girl synchronised stage dive at the end of the song, which didn’t go fully to plan though there was some participation. Also playing a mix of both new and old songs, playing some favourites off the last two albums like ‘Headbanger Face Rip’, ‘Beer Pressure’, ‘Divine Blasphemer’ and playing the song from their latest music video ‘Wolves Of Chernobyl’ their set went down a storm. Playing for a relatively short 40 minutes however, their set seemed to cover most of the important songs. Probably for the best in terms of safety, as if the set went on any longer it’s uncertain that anyone would have left alive.

Written by Joni Andrews