LIVE: Motionless In White @ Academy 2, Manchester (16/09/2013)

Date: September 16th, 2013
Venue: Academy 2, Manchester
Support: Glamour Of The Kill / The Defiled


On the back of the release of ‘Infamous’ last November, Pennsylvania’s Motionless In White‘s popularity has swelled and burst all over Britain, resulting in their rather better-late-than-never headline tour to support the release selling several dates of the tour. Though the Manchester date may not be one of these sell-out shows, the Academy 2 venue is much larger than The Roadhouse venue they headlined last time they were here.

Yorkshire tour openers Glamour Of The Kill (**) kick off proceedings. After being away in hiding for a good while to complete the follow-up to their 2011 debut album, ‘The Summoning’, the hard rockers are admittedly a little rusty. Though it takes a while to get in full motion, it’s from their cover of KISS‘s ‘Love Gun’ that we finally start to see a GOTK worth watching.

The leather bound The Defiled (*****) however soar into overdrive from the get go. Covered in powder, make up and sporting no other colour than black and white, the London troupe set the bar very high and leave more than enough reason for the headliners to fear if they can top it. Keyboardist The AvD is regularly throwing his keyboard around the stage with him, frontman Stitch D is equipped with a voice that can wail like no other and the whole band’s live dynamic ensures that though they’re on the cusp of exploding, it’s not a matter of if but when that will finally happen for them.

The atmosphere is set to full-on macarbe with Motionless In White (***) who, much like The Defiled, would probably only wear black until someone invented a darker colour. Opening up with ‘Devil’s Night’, the crowd bounce and sing-a-long with the gothic metalcore outfit from start-to-finish. It appears that now MIW are beginning to transcend their gigs into something more of a true stage performances. Tonight, they deliver a worthwhile set, but with two costume changes that could be a bit more swift, it staggers the momentum of the show. It’s also evident that MIW are moving more and more towards the modern prodigy of Marilyn Manson, bringing on two girls on stage on three separate occassions to the stage to dance and, though admittedly nice to look at, do very little else and add a sort of tacky quality to it all. Ultimately, something that could have been removed and made for a far better show.

There’s no doubt that Motionless In White are only on the up, and their live show is evolving along with their sound into something a younger Marilyn Manson would be proud of. They just need to make sure they tie the loose ends before finalising any ideas.

Written by Zach Redrup