LIVE: Memphis May Fire @ Camden Underworld, London (19/09/2011)

Date: September 19th, 2011
Venue: Camden Underworld, London
Support: Collapse The Control, Dream On Dreamer, The Color Morale
Website: None available


Memphis May Fire is a band that has always been and will most likely always be underrated. Two full-lengths and two EPs into their career, they are far behind the popularity mark of many of their peers such as Asking Alexandria and We Came As Romans. Personally, this is something I believe to be somewhat of a travesty, and the fact that the band fail to attract a capacity crowd to the relatively small confines of the Camden Underworld is also somewhat of a bitter disappointment.

Only adding to the disappointment are Woking’s Collapse The Control (*) who put in what could only be described as a shambolic performance. Without being too harsh to the band, which to their credit does fill the stage with an abundance of energy, they simply fail to meet any sort of standards of the metalcore genre. It’s hard to put my finger on what I disliked the most; the tuneless vocals, the mismatch of song structures, uncoordinated vocals, bizarre and irrelevant synth or their dreadful cover of ‘Do It Like A Dude’.

Despite having travelled such a long way, Australian sextet Dream On, Dreamer (**) also fail to impress, as their synth infused hardcore fails to inspire much of a reaction from the crowd, and eventually all the tracks from their debut full-length ‘Heartbound’ begin to sound the same. It’s unfortunate that their performance does not live up to expectations because you cannot help but feel sorry for the band.

Another band that you cannot help but feel sorry for is The Color Morale (****), due to some technical difficulties before and during their set they only manage to churn out four songs before departing. However, with songs as vicious as ‘Demon Teeth’ and as huge as ‘Human Being(s)’ in their set, it’s hard to question their performance. Awe inspiring set closer ‘Humannequin’ goes some way to making it up to their fans that have turned out to see them. Hopefully a return to the UK is imminent so we can really see what this band is about.

Fortunately by the time Memphis May Fire (****) burst into life, all hints of technical problems disappear as they run through an earth shattering one-two of ‘The Sinner’ and ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’. Throughout their set, the band is tight instrumentally and Matty Mullins‘ vocals sound excellent throughout. Newer material such as ‘The Victim’ and ‘The Deceived’, however, older material such as ‘Ghost In The Mirror’ gets a rare outing. The encore of ‘Deuces Las Cruces’ and ‘Action Adventure’ from their brilliant ‘Between The Lies’ EP sound absolutely massive, and despite their relatively short set, the crowd are sent home happy despite begging for more. The quicker that Memphis May Fire decides to return, the better.

Written by Oliver Thompson

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