LIVE: Martyr Defiled @ Sound Control, Manchester (14/02/2014)

Date: February 14th, 2014
Venue: Sound Control, Manchester
Support: Heritage / Black Tongue
Website: None available


What better way to spend your Valentine’s Day evening than in a small sweatbox like Sound Control whilst a handful of today’s brightest hopes in UK underground metal tear it a new one. That’s exactly what the Manchester crowd at Martyr Defiled‘s headline show have decided to do, opting to put the romantic meals to one side and instead jump on one another, scream down a microphone and, in some cases, hitting someone else in the pit.

Sadly, we were unable to make it to the venue in time to catch local openers, Bison. Blame public transport and the less than favourable traffic. However, the tour’s opening support act Heritage (***) are local Mancunians and are here to represent their hometown. These guys have only just left the genre’s womb, still only crawling and learning to walk. As far as newbies go, Heritage definitely put up a fair performance, but in time when frontman Chris Satchell and co. become a bit more confident, these guys can truly begin to flourish.

Black Tongue (****), however, come across as true veterans of the game, despite being just over a year old. Their extreme down-tempo brand of ridiculously heavy grooves and messages of lament and hate get wolfed down by the crowd, who are throwing their shapes and one other around like ninjas in training at the front. Vocalist Alex Teyen‘s guttural roars are a formidable contender in the genre, and a quick appearance from Matt Jones from Martyr Defiled mid-set only gets the fans riled up further.

With a stage change done lickety split, Lincoln born headliners Martyr Defiled (****) take the baton from Black Tongue and continue to ensue the choas upon the Manchester crowd. Indeed, crowd favourites ‘An Act Of Sedition’ and ‘Infidels’ sees the front rows piling upon one another at an alarming rate. Richard Duffin‘s drum work approaches demon-like speeds, Matt Jones‘ shrieks and far-from-human roars would be enough to make Megatron shit himself and the inclusion of Dave Trees providing backing screams with fresh offering ‘Demons In The Mist’ gives us a peek into what looks like an interesting sound choice come the dropping of second album ‘No Hope. No Morality’ in April.

It’s set closer ‘Goldstein’, however, that helps us see exactly where Martyr Defiled stand today and what a promising future is within their grasps. Whether they can grab and run with this depends on a number of factors, a lot of them being out of the band’s control for the most part. But, if these Lincoln boys get most things going their way, ‘No Hope. No Morality’ could well pave their way to becoming one of the UK’s brightest hopes, raising the ranks to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with regular touring peers like Bleed From Within.

Written by Zach Redrup (@zachredrup)

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