LIVE: Manchester Orchestra @ Glasgow, ABC1 (03/10/2011)

Date: October 3rd, 2011
Venue: ABC1, Glasgow
Support: The Xcerts


Aberdonian trio The Xcerts (****) are the only support tonight and the main attraction for quite a lot of the gig goers, delivering a well-constructed set comprising of old favourites and some new material, which they also tried out supporting Young Guns last week. Murray Macleod and co. seem like somewhat veterans to the Scottish music scene, making it even more difficult to believe that they are on the brink of releasing only their second album which has already been critically acclaimed, ever consistent they produce the goods and have the crowd whipped into a frenzy.

Half of this crowd have been waiting since Manchester Orchestra (*****) were last here, supporting Scottish rock legends Biffy Clyro in 2009, the other half seem to have never even heard of them. The band rifle through three songs from new album ‘Simple Math’ before frontman Andy Hull – resembling Zach Galifiankis from his Hangover era – raises a mug of tea to the crowd, ever humbly thanking the sell-out crowd for coming before smashing into ‘I’ve Got Friends’ from breakthrough album, ‘Means Everything To Nothing’. If these five guys were in a yearbook, you may put ‘least likely to be a successful band’ under them, in an age where and media recognition is everything. However, what this band lack in the publicity, they more than make up for in ability and stage presence. They have the ability to leave a room silent, or they can absolutely blow the roof off with their togetherness and well constructed melodies.

The highlight of tonight though, seems to be Andy Hull belting out parody song ’50 Cent’ as some technical issues are resolved, this is only one of the few points of tonight where the singer turns comedian, with lyrics like “I want to be 50 Cent, regardless of his vitamin water campaign” – yet again, the rest of the band eagerly join in the singalong. The encore sees Andy continue to thank all of the fans like the humble gentleman he is, before confessing to not sticking to the setlist and deciding to play ‘Shake It Out’ as they “forgot that one earlier”. This band leave the crowd in awe with perfect delivery, and filling this vacuous venue with nothing but noise, surprising half the crowd and, just like on the Biffy Clyro tour, ensuring no-one forgets them anytime soon.

Written by Gary Cassidy