LIVE: Lostprophets @ O2 Apollo, Manchester (08/11/2012)

Date: November 8th, 2012
Venue: O2 Apollo, Manchester
Support: Pure Love / We Are The Ocean


With one final UK headline run in the works for 2012 and just in time for their headline appearance at Vans Warped Tour UK, Welsh rockers Lostprophets are surely keeping hype levels high. It seems the Manchester crowd are evidence that all efforts are paying off.

Openers Pure Love (****) get things going to a flying start. Ex-Gallows frontman Frank Carter may have changed his musical direction and general attitude, but his approach to bringing a great live show certainly isn’t diminished. Frank spends most of the set in the middle of the crowd, during which he incites a snail pit (a circle pit but crawling), people climbing on each other’s shoulders and gives out free merch. Band mate Jim Carroll is an active one too, throwing himself about the stage and climbing on top of speakers.

Following up, in comparison We Are The Ocean (**) just seem a bit, well, boring and one-dimensional. It would be unfair to mention and applaud Liam Cromby‘s impeccable voice and how well he has adapted into the role of frontman following the recent departure of Dan Brown. Still, the likes of ‘The Waiting Room’ seem a little lacklustre than it was before and despite the band’s efforts, the crowd seem far from motivated.

Thankfully, the fans seem to pick up their energy levels as soon as headliners Lostprophets (****) finally take to the stage. Of course, it’s the big almost anthemic singles that get the biggest reactions, with almost the entire room singing back to the Welsh rockers to the likes of ‘Last Summer’ and arguably the band’s biggest hit to date, ‘Rooftops’. The heavier older material that rarely makes an appearance, notably ‘Kobrakai’ and ‘Shinobi Vs. Dragon Ninja’, inciting a few pits to open up.

The guys don’t stray too far from their newer material though, such as the call to arms of ‘We Bring An Arsenal’, seeing a whole sea of “Na na na na” rise throughout the chorus. It’s set closers ‘Last Train Home’ and ‘Burn Burn’ however that shine as the set highlights. The unison felt throughout the former of the two is incomparable to any other moment of the evening, whereas the latter saw more than half the room crouch to their knees, Slipknot style, before jumping back for the final moments of the breakdown.

Indeed, Lostprophets may not be enjoying their glory days they once were with ‘Start Something’ and ‘Liberation Transmission’, but their live show warrants them more than enough reason to stay as one of the modern forerunners of their genre today.

Written by Zach Redrup