LIVE: Lostprophets @ Download Festival (15/06/2008)

Date: June 15th, 2008
Venue: Main Stage, Download Festival
Support: N/A


The only UK headliners of the festival weekend Lostprophets came to the stage on the Sunday evening, and gave an honourable end to the 2008 Download festival.

Most people, including frontman Ian Watkins himself have little idea as to why a band such as Lostprophets have been given the oppurtunity to end such a legendary festival, but they prevailed and performed well. Due to it being the last band to play the festival that year, fans and those not too keen on their music were present among the crowd, and though the music may not take your fancy the show was something to be proud of. Playing stuff for the fans like ‘We Still Kill The Old Way’, ‘To Hell We Ride’, and ‘Everyday Combat’ to please those who aren’t just around to hear their single collection, though songs like ‘Rooftops (Liberation Transmission)’, ‘Last Train Home’, and ‘The Fake Sound Of Progress’ were also thrown in to appease those less familiar with their work, and to reel the unsure in. With some humorous banter from the band, a few firework displays “stolen from Kiss, and a brilliant set closer of ‘Burn Burn’, the band finish their set and close the curtain for this year’s Download festival.

Rightfully, a UK band deserve to end a UK rock festival, and though many would think that Lostprophets aren’t in a status to close such an event, they should be proud with the show they put on.

Roll on Download 2009!

Written by Zach Redrup