LIVE: Kill Hannah @ Academy 3, Manchester (06/05/2010)

Date: May 6th, 2010
Venue: Academy 3, Manchester
Support: My Passion


It’s been 17 long years since Illinois electro rock outfit Kill Hannah decided to start their musical careers, and with only one fairly popular hit yet six studio albums they still can’t manage to sell out a venue as small as Manchester’s Academy 3. Sure, it’s no easy task for most bands, but 17 years down the line, major label deals and several albums later shows Kill Hannah may just not have the winning formula.

Tour support My Passion (****) haven’t been knocking about even half as long as their headlining peers even if it is their home country, yet still they’ve managed to receive as much love and attention on these shores in just a short space of time. All four of the Hitchin boys are dressed in their usual formal, gothic, black and white attire with a stage pretty much wearing their heart logo head to toe. The amount of energy within frontman Laurence René shows he could well be making good use of their Red Bull sponsorship, bouncing around the stage and thrashing about his microphone like sugar, glucose and the sheer thrill of playing live has taken over him. This is clearly fed and reflected into the crowd, who are jumping about and creating small most pits to both old loved ones like ‘Thanks For Nothing’ and ‘Play Dirty’, aswell as new album sneak offerings like ‘The Mess We Made Of Our Lives’ showing what could be a progressed, evolved and better My Passion soon to come.

As much as their level of popularity is incredibly similar, there remains a downfall in the more experienced Kill Hannah (**). Maybe they should pay a little attention and take notes from their support act. Vocalist Mat Devine walks on with a stuffed panda teddy in one hand and a video camera in the other, which he seems to be paying a little bit more attention to both his band’s current and potential fans. Focusing on where the camera is pointing on people in the crowd, his band members, instruments and even worse so on his face seems to be more of an interest than putting on a decent show. Regardless the mainly teenage crowd are lapping it up, jumping up and down from start to finish like they’ve never seen a band better… if that’s the case they need to go to a lot more shows. Their big number ‘Lips Like Morphine’ receives almost a room full of a response, and undoubtedly a bigger one than My Passion managed to obtain. This however proves nothing, only live evidence of a band who had a shot and lost it once more.

My Passion managed to surpass headliners Kill Hannah in all boxes by a clear mile, and if things keep at this pace it won’t be long ’til the bill positions are reversed as they should be.

Written by Zach Redrup