LIVE: Job For A Cowboy @ Academy 2, Manchester (06/11/2010)

Date: November 6th, 2010
Venue: Academy 2, Manchester
Support: Trigger The Bloodshed, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Whitechapel


One of the heaviest tours to finish off 2010 in the UK, Arizona’s Job For A Cowboy return to November shores with a set of other young and promising bands in the death metal/deathcore scene to blast off a new face in music for 2011 to recreate. Not for the faint hearted, each band is free from any reminicent of clean vocal work, and therefore pretty brutal.

Openers Trigger The Bloodshed (**), despite how heavy their material may be, is also pretty bland and generic, and fails to stand out in a scene where that little distinction makes a world of a difference. The breakdowns are heavy without a doubt, Jonny Burgan has a hellish grunt and scream behind him, and Daniel Wilding thrashes the drums like a beast. Sadly there’s just nothing that seems particularly memorable or noteworthy of their performance.

The brees and squees come in dense and fast with Annotations Of An Autopsy (***). Coming on the stage to a drum ‘n’ bass tracking, possibly as a slight dig towards recently made enemies Attack Attack!, the 5-piece deliver a set of bludgeoning deathcore, with tracks like ‘In Snakes I Bathe’ and ‘Welcome To Sludge City’ inciting some pretty major crowd action. Their lack of stage room seems to be causing some noticable restriction on the group, but regardless they set themselves as worthy contenders.

It’d be hard to try and match up to the ferocity and carnage laid down by main support Whitechapel (*****). It’s hard to explain vocalist Phil Bozeman as anything other than a madman. His vocals seems so far from reality and so deep into hellish and demon-like territory that it’s almost hard to believe, a fact that’s most noticeable during ‘This Is Exile’. This combined alongside the 3-layer thick guitar chugs and riffs and the machine gun like drum work of Kevin Lane leaves a trace of hell behind in their calm. You don’t know how heavy Whitechapel are ’til you’ve had the live experience.

It’s hard to follow-up to such an act, but main act Job For A Cowboy (****) manage to make a good go of it and hold their own ground solidly. Their set begins a little slowly, with most of the room leaving after Whitechapel’s set, but people slowly start to filter in throughout the set, building the atmosphere and assumingly the band’s confidence too. Having the advantage of maximum stage room fares especially well for the Arizona grown 5-piece, who deliver a solid death metal blast spanning over their past releases, leave reason for their success at such a young age. ‘Reduced To Mere Filth’ and ‘Knee Deep’ help to exemplify Jonny Davy‘s guttaral roars and fry screams, and newer workings like ‘Constitutional Masturbation’ show a bit of an erratic side to the frontman, who moves in such away during whilst belting out his politic-based rantings and other disgusts with such force.

Written by Zach Redrup