LIVE: Imagine Dragons @ O2 ABC, Glasgow (06/04/2013)

Date: April 6th, 2013
Venue: O2 ABC, Glasgow
Support: The Good Natured


Imagine Dragons have recently exploded on to the music scene, with sounds to appeal all music lovers. They’ve been featured in a number of TV shows and hit ‘It’s Time’ appeared in The Perks of Being a Wallflower movie. There are high expectations for tonight’s gig amongst fans of all ages. The Las Vegas indie rockers have managed to sell out a venue, upgrade to a bigger one and sell that one out. The O2 ABC is completely packed.

Hauling from London, opening and only support band The Good Natured (****) appear on stage and singer, Sarah McIntosh, is clad in pink shiny lycra shorts and a gold top. She appears with two males, one on drum and the other on bass. Together, they sound like a cross between David Bowie and Kate Nash and, surprisingly, it works for them. McIntosh‘s hauntingly light voice sounds amazing against the back beat and heave drum and bass. Each of their songs builds a bridge between hits of the 80s and the club scene of today and the crowd appears to feel the same way.

After a lengthy break to set up, the lights go out and the crowd erupts in to shrieks and screams as the sounds of crickets fill the room, getting louder, faster and blue and purple lights shine brightly from the stage. Imagine Dragons (*****) take to the stage and with only one album and an EP, filling in an hour and a half set is a daunting and risky move. Upon seeing the crowd before him, singer Dan Reynolds‘ face lights up with genuine surprise, his hands cover his face before he takes to beating a large drum, making a powerful noise in their instrumental intro.

They begin their 13 song set with ‘Round And Round’ with a huge amount of energy and a light show to remember. Reynolds jumps around the stage, impressively managing to keep in tune with his band around him. Their hit ‘Radioactive’ comes around in the middle of their set, which is unusual as it is arguably their biggest song. The crowd is incredible to watch, every hand is raised in the air and lit up by a bright white light shining from the stage. The band stand in awe throughout their instrumental to look out over the sea of hands and Reynolds looks close to tears. Their stage presence is incredible and although by the time they play ‘It’s Time’, their set closer, they look worn out, but they still power through and put on an incredible performance. They leave the stage, promising the crowd that they will definitely return, but come back not long after to play an encore of ‘Nothing Left To Say’.

Every part of the night got more and more entertaining and if there’s a band that should be on everyone’s list to see live, it’s Imagine Dragons. Their performance is completely unforgettable.

Written by Caitlyn Dewar