LIVE: Hundredth @ Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (18/05/2011)

Date: May 18th, 2011
Venue: Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
Support: Heights, Hero In Error, Burn The Sunset, My Friend The Arsonist
Website: None available


Since forming back in 2008, Hundredth have been tearing apart venues across the US. Tonight, it was Scotland’s turn to get in on the mayhem, and the South Carolinian’s brought along Hero In Error and Heights with them to get involved in the carnage.

Opening the night were local newbies, My Friend The Arsonist (****). Offering the perfect mix of dubstep and metalcore, they kicked the show off with their original dub mix of ‘In The Jungle’, or as they prefer to call it, ‘Jungle Step’. Battering through an impressive set, the dubcore mob oozed with confidence, displaying a lot of promise and something a little different. Having just signed to new Glasgow based record company, Thanks For Nothing Records, bigger and better things are sure to come.

Next to the stage were Stirling boys, Burn The Sunset (****). Already a favourite in the Glasgow area, they own the stage and get the pit moving. From beginning to end, they have the crowd feeding off their energetic hardcore sound, and play with the grit so many bands are missing today. With songs like ‘Winning Game’ and ‘2 Star Eddy (With A Baseball Bat)’ under their belt and a mini-album on the way this summer, they could be the UK’s next threat to the hardcore scene.

Dublin’s Hero In Error (***) were up next. Playing to the smallest crowd of the night, they gave it their best shot. Full of primal energy, they tried to grip the crowd who payed little attention, dismissing their technical hardcore. This, however, is not a bad band. They have the songs and the live presence to go somewhere, and on another day they could have been sensational.

As Heights (*****) take to the stage, it is plain to see that they have pulled the majority of the crowd. They open with first track of their forthcoming album, ‘We Live Alone…’, and the room almost literally explodes. The next half an hour was something very special; their ambient, hardcore sound fills the room as they soar through songs old and new. As a band they are tight, as performers they are magnificent, and to top it off they are some of the most modest human beings alive. As their set draws to a close with final song, ‘The Lost And The Lone’ the room is spilling with admiration. Heights are a band who are going places, and going places fast.

Tonight’s headliners have one hell of a performance to follow up, and as Johnny Cash‘s ‘God’s Gonna Cut You Down’ rings through the room, Hundredth (***) emerge. With Heights‘ blistering performance still on everyone’s minds, Hundredth have a hard time trying to win over the crowd with their generic melodic hardcore. They by no means fail, the crowd respond to their energy and the band grow as the set goes on. They throw a couple of new songs out which aren’t much different from their older stuff, but never the less, the crowd responded positively. Hundredth have an ear for a hook and that is ever present in ‘Desolate’, which was the highlight of the set. This was a real crowd pleaser and was just as good live as it is on record.

After tonight, Hundredth will no doubt be coming back. They had a small following here tonight, a following which duplicated by the end of the set. They played well, but it’s just a shame they were upstaged by their support act.

Written by Chris Loomes