LIVE: Heck @ The Parish, Huddersfield (04/09/2016)

Date: September 4th 2016
Venue: The Parish, Huddersfield
Support: Black Peaks / Bad Sign / The Temple


The Parish in Huddersfield used to be one of the UK’s best kept secrets, but in the last couple of years it’s become more of a household name and played host to some high profile acts such as The Bronx, Cancer Bats, While She Sleeps, Norma Jean, and many more. It’s no surprise at all that the legendary northern party house was selected as the place to start this mammoth tour, and the punters are out in droves despite it being a Sunday AND the last night of the summer holidays for many.

Openers The Temple [7] are a funny choice for this show as their Red Fang/Truckfighters-esque desert rock is a far cry from the post-hardcore arena the rest of the bands reside in, but that doesn’t stop them going down an absolute storm. Their stage presence needs a bit of work, but when you consider that this is only their third or fourth show it’s clear that these Doncaster lads have got bags of potential. If they keep writing riffs as solid as the ones we hear tonight, they could be on to something really special.

Next up is Croydon bruisers Bad Sign [8], who pack out the room with their thick and groove-laden post-hardcore. For a three-piece they don’t half make a racket, but it’s a very considered one, and it’s clear they’re a band with a mature approach to songwriting. Vocalist Joe Appleford has a deep, powerful voice that compliments the bass-heavy sound and by the size of the crowd throughout the performance it’s clear that this unique quality hasn’t gone unnoticed. Bad Sign are definitely leaving Huddersfield tonight with some new fans.

On to the first of our headliners; Brighton’s Black Peaks [10], fresh off an amazing summer run including countless festivals and a support slot with Deftones at Wembley Arena, launch triumphantly into ‘White Eyes’ and the crowd erupts. The band’s sound is absolutely on point and their Mastodon meets Thrice meets The Mars Volta melting pot of a style is enough to have guitarists, bass players, and drummers of all genres frothing at the mouth. Their biggest weapon, however, is Will Gardner‘s monolithic voice. He shimmers through the clean sections on the likes of ‘Saviour’ with ease, and howls like a banshee on ‘Hang ‘Em High’. It’s actually frustrating how effortless he makes it look. The crowd is ravenous and sing back every word, and as they close with the monstrous ‘Glass Built Castles’, it’s clear to see why this band have been so hotly-tipped for bigger things by, well, everyone.

Most bands would struggle to follow a performance like that, but Heck [10] is the band that no other band wants to go on after. From the first struck note of ‘A Great Idea, Bastardised’, we’re treated to 30 or so minutes of absolute pandemonium. A Heck set really is just a blur of limbs and guitars and climbing on things that really weren’t designed to be climbed. Many critics in the past accused the Nottingham mentalists of not having the songs to match the performance, but with the release of ‘Instructions’ earlier this year they put paid to that, and the crowd roar back the lyrics to ‘Mope’, ‘The Breakers’ and several other choice cuts from that fantastic album. A couple of Baby Godzilla-era fan favourites get an outing; namely ‘Trogloraptor’ and ‘Powerboat Disaster’, and the latter in particular highlights just how fucking FUN this band is. No pretence, just pure unbridled madness that even the coolest of cool kids would struggle not to grin at. After half an hour the walls are sweating, the masonry is starting to crumble and there are more people on stage than there are on the floor. What more could you ask for from a punk rock show?

Written by Liam Knowles (@wearefixtures)