LIVE: Heart Of A Coward @ Corporation, Sheffield (31/05/2012)

Date: May 31st, 2012
Venue: Corporation, Sheffield
Support: Born Of Wolves / Martyr Defiled
Website: None available


A hot, humid night is slap bang at the top of the menu tonight at Sheffield’s Corporation, delivering a collection of some of harcore’s most brutally kick ass upcoming bands. With the line-up consisting of local band Born Of Wolves, tour support Martyr Defiled and and headliner Heart Of A Coward packed into the small room, we can safely say the walls are going to be dripping sweat tonight. Just how it should be.

First to serve up their fierce take on Yorkshire head banging galore, Born Of Wolves (***). Straight from Steel City, this four-piece hardcore/metalcore outfit brought along a pretty decent following with them, which deserves a mighty fine tip of the old Obey cap. Catchy riffs and the deepest vocals make these guys an excellent start to what will prove to be an amazing night.

With the announcement of a new EP set to be released later on in the year, it’s a dead cert that we’ll be seeing much more of Martyr Defiled (****) in the near future. Right from the opening riffs, frontman Matthew Jones throws himself around the stage like a pissed off circus tiger. The classic ‘hard to please’ Sheffield audience soon get into the swing of things, but with relentless guitars and soul shaking drops aplenty, who the hell could stay still? Egging their time to shine, the certified highlight of their set was hearing some new material which will be on their new EP. This is where the walls really started sweating as everyone in the room bounced along to the belters.

Headliners Heart Of A Coward (****) are steadily on the up-rise. With ex-Sylosis vocalist Jamie Graham taking the helm last year, we’ll nick your line Orange and quote “the future’s bright”. Starting with a collection of more melodically swayed tracks, the place felt like a pressure cooker waiting to burst open into an energetically riled frenzy. Heart Of A Coward were the puppet masters to a crowd, who were totally buying what they were offering out to all who played witness. With vocals that make your blood boil and every hair on your body stand on end, Jamie filled every single gap in the room. Once the faster paced songs kicked in, the floor was like an ice rink. Two stepping was proving even more dangerous tonight.

With the evening coming to a sweaty raw climax, no one can say that HOAC didn’t absolutely kill it tonight. These guys are sure to be making a big impact on the scene in the remaining half of 2012, and beyond.

Written by Claire Simmons

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